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Here you can browse the details of all our nannies working in resorts across the Alps.

Please pass our details on to your clients, or if you would like to, book a nanny on behalf of your guests.

Nanny List

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Name Resorts View
Tania Soto Espace Killy View
Emily Nield 3 Valleys View
Juliana Minetto Ski Arlberg View
Éabha Murphy 3 Valleys View
Sarah Kyamani Alpe d Huez View
Michaela Piercy 3 Valleys View
Laura Dickinson Portes de Soleil View
Lauren Stanley Chamonix View
Anete Pieca Espace Killy View
Brianna Colgan Portes de Soleil View
Mia Drury Chamonix View
Veronica Brandberg 4 Valleys View
Sofie Lindström 4 Valleys View
Brigitte Vinchon Portes de Soleil View
Lara Worthington 3 Valleys View
Harvey Cowan 3 Valleys View
Maeva Malmaison Paradiski View
Sydney MacDonald Les Deux Alpes View
Ella Ward Espace Killy View
Shannon Murdock 3 Valleys View
William Melhuish 4 Valleys View
Alicia Norman Paradiski View
Marta Nikiforova 3 Valleys View
Lani Saunders Paradiski View
Shannon Drummond Alpe d Huez View
Luca Bonardo 3 Valleys View
Kirstin Leineke Espace Killy View
Michelle Segal 3 Valleys View
Gontier Alexandra Espace Killy View
Isabelle Cawthorne Paradiski View
Angharad Hughes 3 Valleys View
Tom Webb 3 Valleys View
Carol griffin Chamonix View
Hannah Lawton Portes de Soleil View
Amir Moaddi 3 Valleys View
Adar Benny 3 Valleys View
Becky North 3 Valleys View
Iida Pulliainen Megeve View
Kitti Faldum Les Deux Alpes View
Maddison Best Chamonix View
Julia Arnestrand 4 Valleys View
Ellie Taylor Paradiski View
Hatti Wetherden 3 Valleys View
Dannielle Korn Espace Killy View
Jo Greenwood Paradiski View
Chelsea Dawson Chamonix View
Marta Kozma Les Deux Alpes View
Madeline Burley Portes de Soleil View
Lesley Valentine Paradiski View
Nicole Hooykaas Ski Arlberg View
Martina Hyblova Chamonix View
Angela Emberton 3 Valleys View
Linnéa Fransson Chamonix View
Jeremy Stammers Chamonix View
Alice Longstaff Portes de Soleil View
Beatris Rozenfelde 3 Valleys View
Montis Rozenfelds 3 Valleys View
Elin Wiberg 3 Valleys View
Eva Varley Chamonix View
Katarina Makuchova 3 Valleys View
Lara Jackson Chamonix View
Sally Aurisch Chamonix View
Morgane Kay 3 Valleys View
Petra Ohlson 4 Valleys View
Kate Ralston Chamonix View
Måns Jönsson 4 Valleys View
ZUZANA Pavlickova Chamonix View
Anya White Portes de Soleil View
renata gieseke goncalves Alpe d Huez View
Anastasia Wells La Rosiere View
cecilia cavretti Serre Chevalier View
Anna Rusden Portes de Soleil View
Felicity White Chamonix View
Soledad Guidali Chamonix View
Eduardo Pesqueira - View
Leah Sullivan Chamonix View
Adrián Martínez Portes de Soleil View
Rosie Maclean Portes de Soleil View
DANI Bowen Portes de Soleil View
Jo Matthews Chamonix View
Sophia Robson Chamonix View
Lauren Springer Portes de Soleil View
Carlotta Dall'Aglio 3 Valleys View
Sarah White Chamonix View
Sophie Robertson 4 Valleys View
Naomi Spicer 3 Valleys View
Aurélie GOURRAUD 3 Valleys View
Kristina Iskra Ski Arlberg View
Rachael Allen 3 Valleys View
Elvira Lundberg 4 Valleys View
Debra Bookbinder Paradiski View
Basha Szczepanik Chamonix View
Kathryn Skriabin Paradiski View
Aisling Kyte Portes de Soleil View
Iris Lok Portes de Soleil View
Becky Pearman 3 Valleys View
Milena Vodenicharova To be confirmed View
Jaye Robertson Paradiski View
Charlotte Hancock Espace Killy View
Catissa Creighton Espace Killy View
Megan Kent Chamonix View
lyndsey birkett La Rosiere View
Andy Erickson To be confirmed View
Eliza Mason Chamonix View
sylvie le goapper 3 Valleys View
Gwinny hope Alpe d Huez View
Kathryn Cannon Portes de Soleil View
Lisa Johnston Ski Arlberg View
Johanna Sjölund Grand Massif View
Bogumila Burczynska Chamonix View
Kieran Gorton 4 Valleys View
Anna Combe 3 Valleys View
Wiktoria Filipczak Chamonix View
Josephine LABORDE Alpe d Huez View
Emily Ward Chamonix View
Jodie Mullen Paradiski View
Claudia Correia Paradiski View
maria sokolowska 3 Valleys View