Chalets source child care for your guests

We link chalets, hotels and self catering accommodation providers with experienced nannies & babysitters in resorts across the Alps.

So use our free service and you can:

  • offer child care as part of your service without the hassle & expense of recruiting & accommodating your own nannies.
  • use us to provide last minute cover if your in-house nannies are ill or fully booked.
  • pass on our details to your guests so they can book with us directly.
  • create a chalet account so you can book nannies on behalf of your clients.
  • book nannies as you need them and pay a flat rate of 26 Euros per hour per nanny.
  • book any hours you like so you can offer babysitting on your chalet night off.
  • invoice clients for their child care and retain the freedom to set your own rates or offer it as an included service in your overall holiday price.
  • use our online system to manage all your bookings in one place without having to juggle dealing with lots of agencies.
  • view the nanny's experience, qualifications, CRB, photos & references online and pass these on to parents if you would like to.
  • pre-book nannies for peak weeks even before you've sold them to avoid last minute shortages of child care options.

Your guests will love it because:

  • they can read reviews from other parents about their nanny and chat with them before their holiday.
  • your regular nannies will have a rapport with your chalet staff and know the accommodaiton so will feel like in-house nannies.
  • our nannies live in the resorts so know all the best places to take the children for sledging and other activities.
  • they can choose the exact hours they like without being stuck to 6 full or half days, so they will be delighted that you can offer them such a flexible, tailored, value for money child care service.

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