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We link chalets, hotels and self catering accommodation providers with experienced self employed nannies working in resorts across the Alps.

You could just pass our details to your clients to book us themselves, or if you would rather book, and pay for the nanny on behalf of your clients then read on….

How does it work?

  • You tell us the hours you require.
  • We contact our network of lovely, experienced nannies and email you details of everyone who is available.
  • You pay us 6 Euros per hour per nanny you book.
  • We send you and the nanny a contract to confirm the details.
  • The nanny cares for the children at your property.
  • You, or the parents pay the nanny 20 Euros per hour at the end of the week.
  • If you require several nannies for the same family, please fill out a request form for each one because we treat them as separate bookings.


  • You pay a flat rate of 26 euros per hour per nanny you book. 
  • This is regardless of how many children each nanny is looking after, or the hours you specify.
  • The rate is also unaffected by peak season dates.
  • You pay 6 Euros per hour to us when you book.  The remaining 20 Euros per hour is paid directly to the nanny at the end of your holiday.
  • Lots of companies include the child care as part of the inclusive holiday price.  Others charge it as an extra. We don't have any contact with the parents ourselves so how, and what, you charge them is entirely up to you.


  • We provide entirely flexible childcare so you request and pay for only the exact hours you or your clients need.
  • This can be as little as one hour, a couple of hours over lunchtime, right up to a week of full days with evening babysitting for the chalet night off.
  • Lots of chalets will pre-book full time hours for peak weeks so that they can offer information the nanny as part of the package when selling the holiday.
  • Many of the companies who use us have their own in house nannies or creches, and just use us for last minute cover when someone is sick or injured, or to give their in house staff some time off.
  • Others avoid the hassle and expense of having in house staff completely and use us for all their client child care.


  • We have all kinds of nannies registered with us including: fully qualified nursery nurses, ex PGL activity leaders, au pairs, primary school teachers, nurses having a break from their career, and ski instructors working as evening babysitters.
  • They all live in the Alps and have experience in childcare so they have plenty of ideas for fun activities to suit the ages of all children.
  • A unique benefit of Alpine Child Care is that with us you are booking a person, not just ‘child care' through a traditional agency, where you often don't know who you are getting until they arrive.
  • We send you a link to your nannies information and photos, which you can pass to your clients and they will be able to speak to the nanny as much as they like in advance to plan for the children's holiday together.  
  • Your regular nannies will have a rapport with your chalet staff and know the accommodation so will feel like in-house nannies.


  • When nannies register onto our site, they provide information about their experience, qualifications, first aid training etc.
  • We approach two independent referees to verify this information.  They also provide written references to be added to the nannies profile information.
  • Sometimes these referees are also willing for employers to contact them directly to provide a further verbal reference, so ask us if you would like to do this.
  • We don't provide paper copies of nannies paperwork ourselves anymore because of data protection legislation.  However if you would like to see copies of certificates before you book, you can ask your chosen nanny to email or post you copies.


  • The UK Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged into the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). So CRB checks are now called DBS checks.
  • If nannies have recently lived in the UK they are likely to have a recent DBS which will be listed on their profile.
  • We would never have anyone on our register who has applied for and been declined a DBS.  So if you view a nanny's profile and it shows that they don't have one, this will just be because they have lived in France for too long to apply, or are from another country where they don't exist.


  • Your nanny can be treated as just another guest for insurance purposes.  So your own standard insurance will cover you should they be injured whilst in your property.
  • We recommend that your clients have their own travel insurance which will cover them should the children be injured, or their belongings damaged or lost whilst in the care of the nanny.
  • We also advise the nannies to have their own travel insurance in case they are injured or lose or damage any of their belongings while working out and about in the resort because this is neither you nor your client's responsibility.


  • Your nanny is a self employed professional so they are responsible for their own tax affairs and declaring their own income, either in France if they are long term residents, or in the UK if they are just living in France for the winter season.
  • If you are employing a nanny on a short term contract to cover for your own in house nanny this is still considered a contract with a self employed person, so you are not responsible for declaring it.