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Veronica Brandberg

About Me

Name:Veronica Brandberg
D.O.B.:19 August 1998
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 4 Valleys
CRB Check:01 May 2014

Experience & Qualifications


Hi! My name is Veronica and I am 19 year old. I am born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and just moved to Verbier to stay for three months, until the end of april. I love skiing, surfing and other outdoor activities and where you will find me the happiest is either on the mountains or in the ocean. I love to meet new people and to take on new challenges. My previous work experiences have taught me to be very service-minded. Furthermore it has been important for me to ensure that costumers where I have worked can expect exceptional service, and that they keep wanting the service as well as recommending it to others. Since I have worked for many different companies and also different families it has given me not only many new contacts and friends but also the capability to work with many different types of people. In addition, I have a very friendly and outgoing personality and find it easy to talk to new people. I have decided to work in child care this winter because I love children and have a lot of experience within the line of work. I am also very patient and calm which I think is a good quality if you're going to work with children.

Down below you can find a summary of my previous work experiences.

Barista September 2018 –

Social host, surf assistant, May 2018 – August 2018

Nanny/babysitter, February 2018 – April 2018

Sales assistant, September 2017 – February 2018

Breakfast manager & Surf assistant, July 2017 – September 2017

Head Waitress, February 2017 – September 2017

Waitress & Cook, June 2016 – February 2017

Barista & store assistant, August 2015 – January 2017

Talent seller, June 2014 – August 2015

Store assistant, May 2015 – August 2015

Soccer trainer for kids age 6 & 7 2012 – 2013


- I speak and write fluent English and Swedish. I have also studied Spanish for six years and have a intermediate understanding of the language in speaking & reading, basic level in writing.

- In 2014 When I worked at MP Games in Stockholm I beat the season's sales record and was named the game's best seller.

- In 2014 I received a diploma for leadership & Sales provided by Humagic AB.

I studied natural science for two years in highschool and then the third year I studied social science. I have a big interest in learning new things and taking on new challenges and therefor I also studied higher level maths on the side when I went to school, as well as working on my free time.

As stated in the "general" section of my profile I have gone through first aid training in 2014, it was mandatory in school. Also, I have gone undergone a lifeguard training when in the summer of 2017 I was a surfing assistant and it was mandatory to undergo training on what to do in a crisis situation, I also did a similar life rescuing training in school.

For 5 years I have been babysitting for two families in Stockholm, Sweden. In the first family I took care of three children and when I first started Joel was 3, Adam 5 and Alma 7 years old. As Alma got a little older and was struggling with school I helped her with homework and preparing before tests. Mostly I used to babysit them in the weekdays but also during weekends and then I used to take them to movies, art classes and football practise. The other family I have been babysitting for includes Theo (who was only 10 months when I started) and Amanda who was 4 years old at the time. In both families I picked them up from kindergarten and school and played with them, in addition to that I also prepared meals and cooked for them. It has been a joy seeing these children grow up and being able to be a part of their developing as human beings and seeing them grow into their personalities.

I have been looking after my younger cousins at different occasions as well and they are between the ages of 4,6,8 & 12.

My References

Reference Received from: Lotta Hasselblad


"Veronica been working for as many years. She is always happy, responsiful.

I can’t have a better babysitter and a god person for my kids.

You are lucky to have her⭐️🌟

L8 Hasselblad AB
Friggavägen 18
18132 Lidingö
T.070-55 66660