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Una Foigta

About Me

Name:Una Foigta
D.O.B.:1 August 1996
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Espace Killy
3 Valleys
La Rosiere
Saint Foy

Experience & Qualifications


Loving, cheerful, creative and interesting – these are the adjectives that describe me the best. I believe in new experiences, challenging moments and cheerful life. I’m peoples people. Love to have conversations, listen to new stories and make new relationships. I’m interested in psychology, reading and learning new things about human behaviors. The hobby, that I love really much, is interior design. If there is a possibility I always help my friends to make their home look even more beautiful.
Why do I choose to work in childcare? I think that it is a great possibility to learn about the culture of other families – about how they prefer to raise their kids, family values, traditions and so on. It’s amazing to learn and see how different and creative kids are with different backgrounds and most important to make fun and loving memories for them.
Here you can see a little bit more of my life: www.instagram.com/unafoigta/

My education relates to architecture and Interior design. I’ve graduated from Riga Building collage and finished multiple interior design courses. But all my life I’ve been working in different fields – Marketing, Administration jobs, Sales and Project managing. I have a lot of experience in different fields, but at my last workplace there were times that I needed to help out my colleagues to babysit kids so their moms could have alone quality time – at that point, I understood how good I am with children. How calm and fun I can be, making them laugh and not wanting to go home afterward.

My experience with children starts with my family and relatives. I’m one of the oldest siblings and cousins in my family – I’ve been helping and taking care of my youngest relatives from their birth. My biggest experience I got was babysitting my brother. Now he is almost 7 years old, but I have been there with him from the beginning. Took care of him while he was a newborn, looked out for him when he was a toddler and now we are having the best time when we learn new things every day.

My References

Reference Received from: Zita Linde


"Una is wonderful, empatic and very responsible with children. She helped me several times to look after my children (girl age 10 and boy age 1,5) while I was at "Life Art Academy" seminars and few times in the evenings I needed free time. They enjoyed to be with Una so much, it was hard to say "goodbay" to the next time. As my doughter said - Una is like older best friend to her. I highly recomend Una as a nanny."
Reference Received from: Sabrina Gravelle


"Una is a fantastic Nanny. She looked after our three children (7 months, 23 months and a 3 year old) for the afternoons of our ski trip. She is very kind natured and built a fantastic raport with them all. Una entertained them playing games and was also great at settling the little one. We felt comfortable and relaxed leaving them in her care and she was always diligent and punctual. We would not hesitate to use her again and whole-heartedly recommend her for other families.

Sabrina Gravelle
St Foy
March 2019