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Taylor May Bradshaw

About Me

Name:Taylor May Bradshaw
D.O.B.:9 May 1993
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


On a personal level since finishing university in May I have been working with the sole aim of doing a ski season. I have worked temporarily as an assistant manager in a pizzeria, casual work in restaurant/cafe by my local cathedral in Gloucester and currently work in Sainsbury's supermarket. I think this shows how adaptable I am and when I have a goal I strive to achieve it. This has been driven by my love of snowsports, particularly skiing. I've competed in a couple of freestyle events, like the great dry slope competition in Edinburgh but now I'm ready to hit the slopes of a real mountain with real snow.

Other hobbies are roller blading and singing. Right now I am committed to training with a team of skaters called SRT who compete in roller derby and have been captain of my own rugby 7's team in Aberystwyth. I am a confident person and I bring that to everything I do.

I have just graduated with a 2:1 BA degree from Aberystwyth University, in French and Spanish. During this I had my own pupil who I taught English to, a Chinese first year girl who I met with weekly to give one on one tuition at her home. This was to finish my TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course.
I also have 3 A Levels, 1 AS level and full GCSE's to A/B standard.
I completed an employability and mobility course with ECTARC in Bordeaux, France, to improve my French and gain work experience with children.
Before this I knew I wanted to eventually get into teaching ,I have achieved an ethnic minority teaching award after completing 3 weeks doing work experience at my previous primary school.

During my third year at University I went on a year abroad, during which I worked for a children's summer camp in Bordeaux, France. This was a full time role during which I worked with 3 to 5 year old's and 6 to 12 year old's. My responsibilities included everything, meeting and greeting parents, helping the younger ones feel comfortable away from their mother which was often very difficult for them, serving lunch and afternoon snacks; This often meant preparing basic meals or serving precooked hot food. I also organised my own activities where I did skating with the older children and then Zumba/yoga with the 3 to 5 year old's; group size was a maximum of 10 children. I enjoyed that each day was different, challenging and memorable. I also was responsible for small accidents and injuries that naturally happen with children. I remember the daily sports and creative activities we, as a team, had to come up with to help the children enjoy their summers to the max. The weekly trips added to the responsibility, I remember well taking a group of 6 children around go ape, an assault course in the trees.

My References

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Reference Received from: James Cons


"Taylor was excellent with our children. She was responsible for picking them up from ski school and supervising their lunch. The kids loved her and had great fun, they especially enjoyed the freestyle snowball fights after dessert! I would not hesitate in having Taylor look after our offspring again. She was also great at communicating with us, the parents which put our minds at ease and with the kids who described her as cool and much better fun than us!

James Cons - March 2016
Reference Received from: Carl Victor Kunnigas


"Taylor took a nanny job for us on a short notice. She looked after 3 children aged 3-5 years. We immediately took a liking to her and felt safe leaving the children with her. She was very active and attentive. Even though Taylor and the children didn't have a common language Taylor managed the situation.She spent time outdoors and played well with the children. We got the impression that Taylor is a positive and trustworthy person and we can highly recommend her as a nanny.

Carl - February 2016
Reference Received from: Ninya Tudor


"Taylor did a fabulous job looking after our three children (aged 7, 5 & 3) during our ski holiday. The children warmed to her very quickly and she was totally at ease with them.
She was proactive in coming up with activities to keep them entertained and happy but also took onboard any suggestions we might have had. She was mature and responsible but also lots of fun! I felt very relaxed leaving them in her care and would not hesitate to do so again.

Ninya Tudor - February 2016
Reference Received from: Rachel Salas/ Reception Union Saint Bruno *They have a website/ Facebook page. *It was a placement with ECTARC in 2013, email for ECTARC jane trudgill, number for rachel salas & union saint bruno


"Taylor Bradshaw was not employed by ECTARC but completed an EU- and Welsh Government-funded work placement programme in Bordeaux from June to September 2013. I co-ordinated the programme and ran the application, interview and preparation stages for all participants. I also worked closely with our host partner organisation in Bordeaux, INSUP, who co-ordinated the language course, accommodation and work placement elements of the programme. I attach the report I received from her work placement supervisor at Union Saint Bruno, where she worked with a team providing a range of summer activities for children. She received a good report and there were no problems reported to me during her time in Bordeaux."
Reference Received from: Agnes Varga


"Taylor is a lovely cheered person. She was brilliant, we were really sad when she left. She was reliable and hardworking. She was polite with customers and friendly with coulegues. I can not say any bad thing about her. I am sure she would become a great part to any team!"
Reference Received from: Jo Beamish


"Taylor is a delightful young lady; mature, confident without being over-bearing, sensible yet fun, interesting and a pleasure to be around. Equally, she is reliable and dependable and I would have no hesitation having her look after children.
J Beamish
6th Form Tutor