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Tati Loe

About Me

Name:Tati Loe
D.O.B.:1 January 1991
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Espace Killy
3 Valleys
La Rosiere
Saint Foy
Portes de Soleil
Grand Massif
Les Deux Alpes
Alpe d Huez
Serre Chevalier
4 Valleys
To be confirmed
Ski Arlberg
Grande Domain

Experience & Qualifications


I have / had many different jobs beside my studies. It is always important for me not to do something just for money. When I am deciding to do a work somewhere, I am doing it 100%, making the most out of the time there. Even when the work is tough, my principle is simple: Stay positive and smile :-) It is lifetime and lifetime should be happy time!

This is a selection of different jobs I have done:
-Being a waitress
-Leading holiday camps for children
-Working as assistant on conferences
-Being a tutor in statistics and math
- being an assistant and seller on various trade fairs

I love working with children, and whenever its possible I am taking part in projects within my studies where I am working with children. For example: Going to primary schools to show the little ones how to brush their teeths properly :)

Ofcourse between work and studies, I have some other hobbys as well:

- playing the Violin in an orchestra
- doing some sports: Running, climbing, skiing, surfing (but I am not good in surfing at all :D)
- meeting friends of course and having a good time together

You may ask now: Why does she wants to be working especially in a ski resort?:
Well, since I am 4 I am on skis. unfortunately I am studying in M√ľnster, which is a german city that is far from any Mountains... With this job as a nanny I have the chance to connect 2 passions: Children and ski!

I would prefer to have a concept as the following: Instead of an hourly payment I would like to have paid accommodation, cost of living, skiing pass, and some hours free to ski :) But I am sure we find a good solution for both parties together. I am open for any proposals.

Happy to hear from you!

Hello Parents,

my name is Tatjana, I am 29 years old and I live in Germany.
I am in my last year of Med school (Cand. med. dent.) and I did a B.A. in business management. I would love to fill the coming holidays being a Nanny in a ski resort.
Since I am 14 years old I have been working as a private Nanny for children in a wide range of ages.
In my last years of high school I did 2 Years of voluntary work in a youth organisation. In the frame of this work I did a weekend of youth education where I recieved a certificate in childcare.
As a med school student I am up to date when it comes to first aid training.

There are three field where I am / was "working" as a Nanny:

- The childrens in my neigbourhood where I grew up (1- 12 Years old)
- The children in a christian youth organisation (9-14 years old)
-Currently my beloved niece Lina (3 years old). Thanks to her I got the idea to spend some weeks in my holiday working as a Nanny :)

My References

Reference Received from: Annika Kaldewey


"I know Tatjana since 14 years. She is a very responsible, honest, warm hearted and empathetic young women. She regularly took care of our children in the ages 1 to 10 Years. We always could rely on her for 100 %. Our kids ( now they are 18 an 15 years old) still have a very close connection to her although they do not see her very often, since she is studying.

Best regards
Annika Kaldewey
Reference Received from: Chiara Milker


"Freiburg, 6.11.2019 Chiara Milker

Reference for our Nanny Tatjana:

Tatjana has been our daughters Nanny since she was little (6 month old).
What shall I say, Tatjana is simply doing a great job:
Conscientious with a lot of passion. She is never getting tired of playing and entertaining my daughter Lina in a very professional and warming way. We absolutely trust her and her talent of beeing a Nanny.
My daughter (Nowadays 3 years old) is absolutely having a good time with her and she is always happy and excited when she gotta know that she will spend her day with her Nanny.
To sum up: I would definitely recommend Tatjanas to any parents who are looking for a hearty, nice and experienced nanny!

Freiburg, 6.11.2019 Chiara Milker