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Tania Soto

About Me

Name:Tania Soto
D.O.B.:25 September 1986
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Espace Killy
To be confirmed
Grande Domain

Experience & Qualifications


My name is Tania and I absolute adore children of all ages. Im looking for loving families who need help with the little ones. I am a devoted and reliable and most important, experienced. Iʼm always patient, active and playful and also have cooking and cleaning skills.

Skills: Patient, young, strong and very active, emotional supportive, flexible schedule, outgoing, friendly, reliable, cleaning, cooking, spanish and english speaker, excelent phisical condition

I hope you can let me be part of your family whenever you need me. I'll be more than happy to help you out with the kids and cooking and cleaning if necessary.

I was a teacher for 2 years for kids of all ages from 2 years old up to 10 year old kids giving all types of classes, from spelling, grammar, reading and bible study. Also potty training for the little ones and computer class for Elementary School. I have experience with all ages since I've been a nanny for long time as a secondary job for years.

I also took care of twins, so I can handle two small kids with no problem. I can cook and clean also in case the parents need help with this duties. I speak Spanish and English 100% and have university studies. I have a tech in Graphic Design and studies in Adobe package. I also studied for International cook so preparing meals or snacks for a family is an easy job for me.

I've always liked kids and took care of my younger sister most of the time, since my mother worked so I was in charge of a small baby for a long time. It was never a problem for me since Im very patient and enjoy being in charge of little ones.

- Effectionately cared for girl twins Emma and Valentina since they were 4 months old until they turned 1 year and 7 months
-Provided a child-friendly enviorement indoor and outdoor activities
-Preparation of 2 meals everyday
-Cleaned the house includinh sweeping, mopping and laundry when neccesary
-Supervised kids while parents are on vacation or business trips
-Continous and afective interaction
-Personalized activities per kid

-Cared for Jean Luca since he was 2 months old until he turned 6 years old for different seasons
-Engaged the kid to have outdoor activities
-Poty training
-Taught safety guidelines such as seeking for adult assistace
-Reading stories everyday
-Drove him to school when neccesary

-Teacher of Elementary school for 2 years on classes with up to 6 kids
-Provided subjects as Language, Math, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Spanish
-Teaching according to Bible and Christian beliefs
-Preparation of snack everyday
-Sparked creativity and imagination
-Cover for other teachers with kids ages from 2 years to 10 years old

My References

Reference Received from: Andrea Marin Calderon


"Tania is a very responsable person and she love kids, she is very patient and sweet with them, my sister has twins and many times asked us to take care of them and Tania was always happy do it."