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Shiisa Booth

About Me

Name:Shiisa Booth
D.O.B.:24 July 2001
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed
CRB Check:01 Jan 2002

Experience & Qualifications


Hi! Salut! ‏ ‏مرحبا!
I’m Shiisa, and I grew up with a live in nanny as my parents did a lot of international work so I’m very used to what it’s like having a new person becoming a part of what I consider to be my family and how important it is to have one consistent person for as extended period of time as possible, especially the younger children are. I lived in Edinburgh before moving to London for university. I’m studying History and International Relations at King’s College London with aims of working in diplomacy and the UN. I’d like to be a human rights lawyer and work as globally as possible. However, for the meantime, I’m enjoying starting to build my career and future in the hotspot that is London, and would really love to be a part of your family for the coming

I have worked as a paid babysitter from the age of fifteen and from the age of sixteen worked with 7 particular family’s, two of which had three children aged between 7-13, one with a set of twins who were under 2 and two families who had babies of just 6-9 months. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to watch these children grow from barely crawling to just about walking and cannot think of a better part time job for my next phase of life. As for the slightly older children, I routinely picked up these kids from school and took them out to the cinema, walks around town and local play parks. I have volunteered in my church’s Sunday school with all three age groups. I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh award bronze through to Gold and used my volunteering in my schools revision classes as a section, so with three years experience, I feel I am fit to help children with school work. Lastly, I have completed numerous awards in sports leadership for children and am now a qualified dance leader, tennis level one coach and figure skating assistant coach. I can provide certificates to prove all of these qualifications at request. I hope you can see that I am a very active and motivated individual.

I have completed in many sports at inter-school level, including volleyball, netball, and tennis. However, most notably I have competed internationally in swimming and cross country running representing my country. While I do not compete anymore I still love to run around the garden with children and encourage smaller ones to try and crawl or walk. I also have completed music qualifications, I hold a Grade three in flute and took piano lessons for 3 years in primary school, so I know what it’s like to have to practise musical instruments after a long day at school. I didn’t particularly enjoy piano lessons but I believe this makes me more tactful in working out ways to encourage children to practise anything they might not appreciate at the minute. I know I’m definitely thankful for the music Skills I still have now more than ever. I currently take Arabic lessons in preparation of my hopefully very diverse future career, and have been for two years, but I’d still count myself as a beginner. However, I have been learning French since I was six and my spoken is good enough that I was able to live in France over the summer with few language related problems. I still aim to improve these language skills to the point I can qualify to be a lawyer in French speaking countries.

I always enjoyed finger painting as a child, so I think this is a great activity for very little ones who can’t quite grasp a paintbrush yet. And of course, I’ll be vigilant and make sure no paint goes in any mouths! Baking is great for toddlers and up as it involves more critical thinking with a scrumptious reward at the end of cleaning up. I am confident in the kitchen and would happily bake with children and leave some treats for weary parents coming home from work. From experience, I’ve found that a lot of children boys and girls alike, really enjoy gymnastics and general rolling on the floor. I have actually competed in gymnastics so if your children wanted to practise their cartwheels and handstands, while I don’t hold a specific qualification to coach tumbling, I am a safer pair of hands to help spot and support energetic children as they explore the upside down world.

I really truly do appreciate the bond that can come from having a key person who will stick around an essentially become a third person the children can depend on. A nanny doesn’t just make sure the child gets fed and doesn’t fall off the swing. A nanny is someone who will be around your children for a significant part of their day, and should be someone they can grow to love and trust. I hope to fill that space as a reliable young adult and offer parents some peace of mind that your children are in not just safe hands, but loving too.

Dear parents, I am a second year university student in London. I study international relations so I have a huge interest in working abroad. I have worked as a full time nanny under a London agency, Koru Kids and have several relevant certificates including: Emergency sports first aid, First aid for infants, Criminal disclosure, Food health and safety, Dance leadership, Tennis coach, Figure skating assistent coach, full drivers licence, and numerous others. Aside from my professional work as a nanny in London, I have also worked in crèches in churches, on holiday camps and as personal babysitters. Proof of certificates available on request.

As a student nanny in London, I have so far been posted with two families - one with a 5 year old boy whom I picked up from nursery five days a week after university, and the second family with one 6 month baby girl where I was her primary carer for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week for 3 months.
Both families would be delighted to share a review and reference on request. I have formed bonds with both of these children and look forward to joining and becoming a part of a third family.
While professionally I have only cared for one child at a time, I am suited to care for up to three under tens and additional over tens. Thank you for considering me, I hope to be in touch soon.

My References

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