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Shannon Drummond

About Me

Name:Shannon Drummond
D.O.B.:5 September 1996
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Alpe d Huez

Experience & Qualifications


To say I am only 20 years old and have lived in three different countries says a lot about the life experience I have. I love living in the alps and have recently decided to learn how to snowboard. I would consider myself as a creative person, in school I had a strong focus on music and art, playing several instruments from guitar, piano, drums and saxophone. I would have to say my decision to work in childcare is driven by my younger sister. I truly love watching her grow into her own person and believe ever child should be given the opportunity to be able to express themselves freely and have encouragement from the people around them.

I worked in a nursery in Scotland for 2 months before moving to Alpe d’Huez last year. I have a 6 year old sister and took care of her in Scotland whilst my parents worked. I have a deep love for children and believe they deserve the best care possible at all times. My highest qualifications are Scottish highers: English-B, Modern Studies-B, Music-A and Chemistry-A. I have worked in Alpe d’Huez as a chalet host last season and Mexico during the summer as a rep for TUI.

All my experience has been unpaid. Working in Lawthorn Nursery in Scotland for 2 months and taking care of children ages 3-4 every Monday to Friday. The class held 30 pupils and we focused teaching the children how to be confident individuals and team players. I also have a 6 year old sister. Being 15 years older than her my parents gave me a lot of responsibility taking care of her whilst they were working, taking her to school, cooking her dinner and taking her to all of her clubs outside of nursery and school. I have a very strong bond with my sister, and since having her I understand the trust parents need to have to allow someone to take care of their children.

My References

Reference Received from: Doreen McCulloch


"Shannon has a natural rapport with children she is able to engage with children and stimulate their imagination, confidence and learning through play. Shannon volunteered in a nursery and during that time she was a joy to have as part of our team. During this period her enthusiasm for working with children was evident turning up everyday and always on time, no job was too big or small, she would assist with toileting and hygiene duties as well as preparing good nutritional snacks and observing any dietary requirements . The children and staff were particularly impressed with Shannon’s musical abilities as she would play guitar and encourage the children to play along with instruments and sing, every music session was fun filled and a great success. I have no doubt in Shannons suitability to work with children."
Reference Received from: Ellie Fish


"Shannon was reliable an caring, she wanted to help her guests as much as she could, if they had a problem she would always try her best to help fix it. Shannon is naturally a good people person and can easily build relationships and trust with people

Thank you

Ellie Fish
Service Delivery Team Manager
Riviera Maya South