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Serena Micalizzi -Coyle

About Me

Name:Serena Micalizzi -Coyle
D.O.B.:21 January 1969
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Les Deux Alpes
Alpe d Huez
CRB Check:01 Jun 2023

Experience & Qualifications


Working as a nanny with children in the mountains is a great opportunities to experience them in a different setting, I love the idea and I am sure would be great fun. It’s going to be a busy year setting up my business, but I am also looking forward to spend some time looking after lovely children just to have a break from adults’ pressures.

My professional background is in Public relations and International Marketing. I have worked around Europe and for the past 30 years I have lived and raised my family in Scotland. I have a strong passion for the outdoors, I have been running for over 30 years, racing in multiple international marathons - but my favourite one has to be New York, remembering how I managed to train with my six month old baby prior to the race and then taking him with me to watch the race when he just turned 1 will be always one of my greatest memories.
I also have a passion for dancing, I have trained in many dance styles, ( ballet, salsa, tango, flamenco, tap ) however for the past 18 years I have been concentrating on contemporary dance enjoying also performing at shows.
I mentioned I am quite crafty and artistic, I paint for leisure but occasionally I get commissions and I have sold paintings in some art galleries.
Of course, as an Italian I love good food and cooking, I owned my own restaurant in the past and this year will be opening another one with my brother in France.
Formal qualifications

- Degree in foreign languages
- Degree in Communications
- Master in Italian as a foreign language
- Psychology course for parents with disable children
- Baby and Children First Aid certificate


My life journey as a young adult started when I was 19 and went to live in Paris to study French at the university. To support myself I was welcomed by a lovely French family as an au pair to look after their two children ( Lucie 6 and Louise 2 years old). I am still in contact with these two beautiful young women.

As an Italian we love to be around children and since I am the oldest of 5 siblings I spent most of my childhood looking after my younger brothers and sisters. I think it has payed off, as today the five of us have a very strong bond, even if we all live in different countries.

Although I never worked formerly in the child care sector I have been involved with young people all my life. During university I also child minded for friends’ children, from babies to toddlers. I had some experience as a classroom assistant, youth worker or sport mentor dealing with children and young adults it is natural to me. I also had the chance to do some tutoring to teach Italian as a foreign language to young children, and to make more fun I would include some lessons where cooking would be involved to learn vocabulary and some Italian dishes.

Later on I had my own two children. I have a son, Sam who is 18 and studying at university and also a daughter, Adi 15. She was a premature baby so her rocky start made me soon aware of many other qualities and resilience I didn’t know I had. On her first year she had to have a serious stomach operations which consequently required me to look after her stoma for 6 months. This was overwhelming but I succeeded well on taking care of her as a nurse as well as her mum. My daughter has permanent severe intellectual disabilities, she is mobile but require constant supervision because of her Ataxic Celebral Palsy (she can loose balance easily) but also because her cognitive age of a 4/5 years old. This means that for the past 15 years I have been involved with my daughter’s care as a young child needing constant supervision, personal care and entertainment. I can confidently say that I have enough experience to look after young children as well as entertain them in a variety of activities. As a family we are very outdoorsy and personally I am very crafty and artistic so I tend to get their hands dirty and paint anything.

My References

Reference Received from: Adele Montpied


"We have had the pleasure to meet Serena several times during summer holidays when she comes to visit her sister here in the beautiful village of Clelles.
Serena has a lively and fun persona and in the same time she has very reassuring manners that infuses trust.
I had the opportunity to entrust my 3-month-old and 3-year-old daughters to Serena for a day. I totally trusted her with my daughters. She is very comfortable with children and small babies. She is patient and attentive to their needs.
She played and sang lullabies to my daughters who enjoyed it very much. As a mum of 2 it soon comes across that she has a lot of experience, it was particularly astonishing to see my baby settling so quickly to sleep as soon as she took her into her arms and somehow whispered some little magic to send her to sleep for hours.
I would highly recommend her skills and attentive care for children to any parent.
Reference Received from: Eleanore Morrison


I have known Serena for 6 years. We met at contemporary dance class and have been firm friends since. I know her personality to be courageous, supportive and inspiring.
Serena has had personal experience with children with additional needs, always putting the child's needs first and foremost. This includes the ever changing psychological and physical needs of each child.
My friend and I also had the wonderful opportunity to experience her teaching skills. She was kind enough to offer Italian lessons prior to our holiday this year. Serena planned a very inclusive programme to allow us to feel confident in all aspects of daily life from asking for directions, ordering food and drinks, negotiating travel and practical safety issues.
As a retired Health Visitor I feel Serena has the firm knowledge and skills to work with children and meet their needs, works with integrity and understanding to be an asset to any family.
Reference Received from: Ali McGold Nitch


"Serena was absolutely outstanding. We felt immediately comfortable with her looking after our son, even when he was under the weather from our journey to France. She was creative in her games with Flynn as we couldn’t pack that many toys for him. Additionally, she was also an amazing cook and got him to eat things that I had struggled to get him to eat. They played on the lowest slopes and she sent us photos enjoying their day. She was always early and made meticulous notes about what happened in their day. We felt like she really looked after him like she would her own. I cannot recommend Serena enough and we are just sad that she lives so far away from where we live now!

Ali McGold Nitch
Alpe D'Huez
February 2024