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Rosie Maclean

About Me

Name:Rosie Maclean
D.O.B.:24 September 1991
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed
CRB Check:01 Nov 2015

Experience & Qualifications


Hello, I’m Rosie!

I like to think of myself as a fun, stimulating and active nanny. I am a big kid at heart and my favourite thing to do at work is play outside with the kids, whether that be on the trampoline, playing football, building dens or just going for a walk! Despite describing myself as a big kid, I am also, extremely hard working, responsible and reliable. Having grown up in Portugal, I am a big lover of the outdoors and spend as much time outside as possible - my favourite hobbies are travelling, surfing, scuba diving and snowboarding, followed by running and HIIT training. 

As mentioned above, my favourite time spent with the kids is during the holidays, when we can really go mad and have plenty of time to mess around and learn through living, which is exactly why I would like to look after your children whilst you are enjoying your time on the slopes. 
Whilst I’ve emphasised on the fact that I like to go mad, I also truly understand how exhausting being on the slopes can be, especially for little ones, which is why I’m more than prepared to sit down and read a book with them, do some colouring, watch a DVD or do whatever they/you would prefer to do.

St Johns Paediatric First Aid - November '14

Portuguese B
Business Studies C
Art C
English Language C

English C
Maths C
Physics C
Biology C
Business Studies B
Portuguese A
French C
Art B

For the last 2.5 years I have been looking after Amelie (10) and Oliver (7), they are great, active kids with a brilliant sense of humour and a love of the outdoors! It didn't take very long for me to become part of the family and it will be extremely tough to leave them. During term time I am responsible for making sure that they are ready for school and getting them to and from school. They both attend various after school clubs which they need to be escorted to and from! It is rare that they have a free afternoon but when they do, they like to go to the park or have friends over, but if that’s not an option, they’re pretty happy just having some downtime! During school holidays, we have a lot more free time and so spend our time going for walks, to the beach, meeting up with friends, building dens, baking etc. I have also done some proxy parenting with them when I took them to Portugal in October ’14 for their half term - their parents met us out there after 4 days. I have also, been on 3 skiing holidays with Amelie and Oliver so am no stranger to snowball fights and snowman building, although, I am a bit of wimp when it comes to sledging!!!
The kids have a very healthy appetite and a huge majority of the food that I feed them is home cooked from scratch, they have had issues with trying new foods but thankfully we've managed to work around that and they are now becoming more and more interested in trying new things!

Before I looked after Amelie and Oliver, I spent 7 months travelling around the far east with my Fiancé, it was an incredible life experience and I feel that I learnt so much, not only about different cultures but also about myself - it taught me to be more open minded and to find the positive in every scenario.

From October '11 to Sept '12 I looked after Jackson (6) as a full time, live in nanny in London, he is a great little boy but it was sometimes challenging as he required much more entertainment than a child with siblings. I often proxy parented when his mum went away on business trips and took him to Portugal on my own a few times, sometimes for as long as 10 days at a time as they have a holiday home over there. This proves that I am highly trust worthy, responsible and reliable, not to mention hard working! Although it was hard work looking after Jackson 24/7 in Portugal they were some of my favourite times with him as we could play all day and it was a very relaxed environment for him! The first time I looked after Jackson was when he was 4 months old, from there I developed a great relationship with him and his mother and I became his holiday nanny whenever they came over to Portugal until eventually, I emailed Jules asking for a reference and she offered me a job!

As well as having experience with Jackson as a young baby, I also became an unofficial ‘mother’s help’ to my friend and her baby. I helped her with little Timmy from when he was born and often babysat once or twice a week. I helped her with changing him and getting him to sleep until he got older when I helped her with feeding him and playing with him. I only stopped babysitting him when they moved back to England which was when he was approximately 2.5yo.

I also have 2 young nieces (2&4) who I spend a lot of time playing with when I see them, unfortunately we live quite far from them though, so don't see them too often.
The most amount of children I have looked after for a long period of time, is 6.

My References

Reference Received from: Briony Curtis


"Rosie worked for us over approximately a two year period as mothers help/babysitter, she was an absolute pleasure to have around, I trust her whole heartedly, Rosie is very wise and sensible beyond her age but at the same time can have a tremendous amount of fun with the children in her care and engage them in activities. She will be a credit to your family and children. I just wished she lived closer to me so we could have her back. :) Briony Curtis"