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Oliver Millward

About Me

Name:Oliver Millward
D.O.B.:19 February 1994
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix
CRB Check:01 Nov 2016

Experience & Qualifications


Hi there!

I am a recent University Graduate living in Chamonix for the Winter Season. I am very and active, upbeat and enthusiastic about everything I do. I have a degree in Architectural Engineering and Design Management which I hope to follow up once I have finished in Chamonix this Winter.
I try to keep very active and love to have a go at all sports. My main sports are Rugby, Cricket, Golf and of course Skiing.
I have always been very interested in Design (hence my degree), and enjoy being creative in various ways.
I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes to add to my repertoire, as do the rest of my family (where I got my interest from!)
I have decided to work in Childcare this winter because it allows me plenty of time to enjoy everything Chamonix has to offer, whilst earning some money to keep me going. I also just enjoy meeting and interacting with new people in all situations, with a view to keep relationships forever
I have always been good with Children and having helped bring up my own siblings, I understand the Chaos that Children can bring every now and then!
In my free time I am currently teaching myself stock trading on a small scale.
I am also very passionate about photography and videography and am putting together a number of ski and snowboard edits this season with my housemates. The mountains are the perfect setting for some incredible photos and footage!
I hope you can consider me to help you with Childcare at some point this season, please see my references for further encouragement!
I look forward to meeting you soon!

Degree in Architectural Engineering & Design Management (2:1),
Experience in Hospitality and VIP settings,
Design based qualification,
Sports Coaching, younger teams (particularly Rugby and Cricket), age groups ranging from as young as 4 to 16, both male and female,
Current Valid CRB Check


Independent Childcare experience, work for family friends on various occasions, looking after children
I have a younger brother and sister (11 & 15) that I have helped look after as they have grown up!
I often help both my siblings with their school work and sport etc.

My References

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Reference Received from: Kate Murphey


"To whom this may concern.

I've know Oliver Milward for over 20 years. I've watched him grow up into a kind, confident trustworthy, lovely young man.

Just starting out in life he has had to cope with more than most, and during this time he has cared for his two younger siblings aswell as himself.

Oliver is caring, fun and extremely patient. I can confidently recommend him to any family to look after thier children.

Oliver has been a massive part of my sons life and is truly like a son to me.

I would be happy to discuss this further.

Please dont hesitate to call or email me.


Kate Murphey.

07826 847800
Reference Received from: Faye Thompson


"I have known Oliver for 15 years and he has looked after my 3 children on many occasions.

Oliver was always friendly and calm with my children and they always looked forward to him

looking after them. Oliver is very reliable and was always on time. I am very happy to recommend

Oliver to other parents.
Reference Received from: Jane Ogden


"I have known Oliver (Ollie) for 12 years as a close friend of his mother who sadly passed away 4 years ago and I was also involved with offering some support during his time at University.

Ollie has a wonderful way with children. He has a younger brother (aged 10) and sister (aged 15) and whilst his mum was alive he played a strong role in their care and offered a father figure for the family. When his mother died in 2012 Ollie then stepped up this role and was wonderful in terms of offering support, being available to them, being loving and being completely reliable. Furthermore, he is also a great support to his Nan who obviously struggled with the loss of her daughter whilst at the same time he managed to complete his A levels and then achieve a strong degree from University.

Ollie, has a lovely sense of humour and is extremely mature, well organised and has a very strong work ethic. I therefore recommend him to you without any hesitation at all.

Jane Ogden
0044 7912204504