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Olga Ruberte

About Me

Name:Olga Ruberte
D.O.B.:4 January 1991
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Paradiski
3 Valleys
CRB Check:01 Nov 2019

Experience & Qualifications


I am always open for new knowledge and work experience. During last years, I have been working with childrens, as well with childrens with special needs.
We always found a common way, how to communicate and doing, not only funny thing,but also studying through it.
I am private teacher in mathematics, and till now I never had a problems how to communicate with childrens.
I also have sertificate in sport, in healthy sport,so, when I have free time I like to work with childrens,doing some sport activities. I have a current police check from my country as we do not have DBS.

I have degree in social rehabilitation,that include child care, as well child's with special needs.
I have first aid training, also had it during my studies.
I have sertificate in sport, as sport, fitness , healthy sport instructor.
And bachelor degree in business administration.

I have cared childrens from 5 month till 12 years.
Also I am private teacher for childrens,from 1st till 10th class.
Maximum number I have been responsible for was 12, at my work in social day center.
I always found common way with childrens.

My References

Reference Received from: Irina Aleksejeva


"Yes, of course, I can give references about Olga Ruberte.
Based in my experience, working with Olga, I can say only positive things.
My child, 5 years old girl, always is happy to stay with Olga.
Olga is positive, could easy found common language with my kid, and also, during time,
When she was our nanny, she did some sport activities with child, as she is sport instructor as well.
So, sum up all,I advise her to other parents and look forward to her coming back to work with us one day!

Have a good week
Reference Received from: Day care center Day care center


"We were working with Olga more than 2 years in Day care center for people with special needs.
Olga was working like social rehabilitation and sport teacher positions, also she was head of our center  for more than one year.
She could combine all positions and deal with them well.
Our clients was happy to be with her, she was able to fill the day with different activities,  entertained and study.
During the summer she stayed with 15 people alone, and she did it good .
We have heard only positive feedbacks from childrens and parents about Olga.

Day care centre
Reference Received from: Anita Dudele


"Olga is a very responsible person.
She was carrying my 3 babies, 6 years, 3 years and baby 8 month.
With her kids were not only entertained, but also studying, especially 6 years old girl.
I always can give all responsibility to Olga and keep kids safe with her.
Thanks to her.