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Nicole Kolesnikov

About Me

Name:Nicole Kolesnikov
D.O.B.:10 March 1992
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Espace Killy
La Rosiere
Saint Foy
CRB Check:01 Jan 2019

Experience & Qualifications


I would be absolutely gratified if I was to receive a position working with a family as a child care taker. With my ability to be a motivating, compassionate and well-educated teacher I want to make a positive contribution. My hobbies include reading and writing. Prior to living in Korea, I worked as an editorial writer for magazines. During my free time I enjoy doing yoga, roller blading and cycling.
I am also fluent in Russian, as my parents come from Moscow. I obtain dual citizenship, both Canadian and Russian. My knowledge of French is intermediate, as learning French in Canada is mandatory until grade 10. Living in a Canadian French province also allowed me to practice my French speaking skills. I am currently working on perfecting the French language.
I believe that guiding a child requires a proper attitude. Being able to combine both educational and fun time is important as well. A child care taker takes on a similar role of a parent, as they spend plenty of time with a family's children. I am confident my experience, education , persona and skills can have a positive impact.

I would like to begin by introducing myself and what I stand for as a young professional. I obtained my Bachelor degree in English with an emphasis in Culture and Media Studies, and minors in Creative Writing, Journalism and Drama from Bishops University (Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada). I am interested in obtaining a position as a child care taker. I am a strong and dedicated person who strives for success in every aspect of my life. My organization, patience, enthusiasm and engaging personality, are all qualities that are crucial to guide children. I also believe my experience working with children can benefit a child's life.

Most recently, I was on a year and a half contract in Seoul, South Korea working as an English teacher teaching students from the age of 5-15. On average I had 10-12 students in my classroom. My working hours were from 8:30 am till 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. During my time at SLP English Academy, I gained many skills that can benefit children. By definition teaching is a form of communication, so it follows that a teacher must obtain excellent verbal and written communication skills . I was able to adapt my communication style to the needs of different students of age, culture, and ability.As a teacher, written communication is significantly important. One of the greatest accomplishments during my teaching experience in South Korea, was that 3 of my 6 year old students were part of a national English speaking speech contest. I practiced with them on a daily basis and they received 4th,10th, and 15th place out of 150 participants.
I believe it is important to be passionate about maximizing individual student performance, inspiring children's interests and setting a lead example. Every child is entitled to an enriching education and my goal is to help them receive one based on my knowledge.
My love for children, making a difference in their lives and being a mentor is also vivid in my volunteer work experience. Throughout university I was the Head Coordinator for a charity event, that raised a record-breaking amount, donating over $15,000 to ONEXONE, a charity that focuses on improving lives of kids in Canada and across the world. I also volunteered as an English tutor in university, which was a gratifying experience as I assisted students in improving and succeeding with their studies.

My References

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