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Milena Vodenicharova

About Me

Name:Milena Vodenicharova
D.O.B.:24 September 1983
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed

Experience & Qualifications


I am a person with a variety of interests but children make me really happy. I possess good organisational and oratorical skills which I have successfully applied in my professional and voluntary experience. I am responsible, thoughtful, tolerant and responsive person who is not only taking care of your children`s safety and security but is taking care of children`s physical, intellectual and spiritual development. I am creative and initiative. My different interests such as mountains, hiking, poetry, art and sport help me a lot in my work with children.

I am enthusiastic mountaineer. I love nature and spending time in the mountains. I think people have to maintain the connection with the nature because it is essential for our human beings. In my outdoor activities I teach children to love and safe the environment. The children acquire different scout skills which are useful not only in the mountain but also in our everyday life.

I have my own program for physical, intellectual and spiritual development for children at different ages. My methods are creative, constructive and funny. Children love spending time with me and that makes me feel happy and satisfied.

I love mountains and children. That`s why I would be glad if I could work with children in the Alps. All people can learn each other and live in peace with themselves and the nature. The nature reveals my creativity and I would like to commend it to the children.

I have graduated bachelor degree in International Economic Relations and master degrees in International Trade and Journalism. I have 10 years experience working as a manager of company dealing with international trade.

I have been a volunteer in National Alliance for voluntary action since 2006. I have taken part in many activities, initiatives and campaigns in the non government sphere and non formal learning. I have rich experience with children at risk. I have passed different training courses which help me in my work with children. I have worked as a volunteer on different projects, aimed at supporting children at risk from the institution. The training courses I have passed help me to develop my communicative skills, my skills for team work and quick adaptation. We use non formal and interactive methods in our activities which are very useful in children`s development.

I am ex-chairman and current member of National scout organization. I am a scout leader of children and youths since 2012. I have organized summer camps for up to 100 scouts at the mountains. The organization includes all the logistic questions and preparing the whole program with the activities and games.

I have a certificate for instructor in mountain hiking since 2014 and I have organized many trips for adults and children.

I have a driving license since 2006 and have passed first aid course.

Now I am working as an individual English teacher.

As a volunteer in institution for children I have 9-year experience with children. I have passed many training courses under the supervision of psychologists and consultants. I use different methods in my work with children such as interactive games, non-formal learning, sports, creative workshops and others. My role as a volunteer was to support the process of social integration of the children with specific needs through different behavior model based on shared experience and emotions. The children were separated in two groups - from 7 to 12 and from 13 to 18. The maximum children I have been responsible for were three. I have spent 10 days with those three children at a summer camp taking care after three of them at any time.
The experience as a volunteer is extremely valuable in my life because during that time I have developed values like honesty, responsibility, sensitivity, responsiveness and dedication.

My experience as a scout leader is also very valuable because I have learned myself how to attract children`s attention, how to involve the children in different activities and make them active and creative. It is essential to build fiduciary relations not only with the children but with the parents also. I have organised scout camps for up to 100 children at age from 7 to 18 divided into two groups. I have been a cub leader /scout leader of children from 7 to 12/. The most important thing in these relations is not to command the children but to interact with them. We are still learning each other and this is the process. The children give us a great experience but we have to be wise how to apply it.

My References

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