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Matilda Colless

About Me

Name:Matilda Colless
D.O.B.:20 December 1989
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed
CRB Check:01 Mar 2019

Experience & Qualifications


I am currently living in Montpellier doing an intensive language course to learn the language. This finishes 13th December and I would love to move to the snow for a period to explore the alps and see the beautiful mountains. I personally have a very big interest in travel and learning about the places I visit. I have extensively travelled the world in the past few years and love the ability to learn and grow as an adult through other people. I love to be creative through art- this can include painting, drawing, sketching and crafting. I am quite an active person and try to do hiking in places wherever I visit. I enjoy reading fictional and non-fictional books, depending on who the author is- I am especially interested in women authors who write fictional text that could be based of non-fictional events. I do enjoy reading to children and after learning more about the book with them, most the time I enjoy reading children and young adolescence books just as much as the children do. Some personal favourites are obviously Dr Seuss, all the Harry Potter books, I love Roald Dahl and also Meme Fox. I enjoy reflecting on books I have read by writing about them or constructing art from the book. This winter I am looking to learn how to ski, as growing up in Australia has not afforded me many possibilités for skiing. I am a fun person and I think spending time in the snow would add to my idea of a new and exciting option to develop a new skill.

Bachelor degree: Education (Primary)
maintained this occupation for 6+ years.
Behaviour management/ continued training every year: 2013-2019

First Aid course + CPR completed 2014/2015

Current drivers licence: Clean record since 2007

D.B.S: complete 2016

Australia Criminal Check complete: 2016 and 2019

French Criminal check complete September 2019

Intensive French language course current to C1: 2019

Firstly, my experience with children has been a big part of my career and life for the past 10 years. I have completed a bachelors degree in Australia ( I am Australian) in education focusing on primary education. My day to day job centred around ensuring a safe environment for the 25+ children and ensuring growth, nurture and creativity were sparking through the classroom. I have been apart of extra-curricula activities with children like coaching a cross country team and cooking as well. I have done childcare roles in a before and after school setting and also babysat my nieces and nephews and some work-away works overseas. During workaway, I was responsible for the children whether that be putting them to bed, cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner and also taking them on trips around the area ( like the beach or to the park). I was teaching in London for 2 years where I was responsible each day in different classrooms for different age groups, this ranged from 4 years old in the nursery where you have to be aware of toileting and ensuring they are eating and playing safely to young adolescence and managing their behaviours. In Australia I have been teaching for 4 years from ages 4-12 as well, teaching most areas of the curriculum whilst managing eating and playtimes. I am a mature, reliable, fun person who understands the importance of security for children but also engagement in activities. I love being apart of excursions with children or even relaxing and just being company for them. This will be a holiday for your child so it needs to be fun but also memorable able in a good way!

I have cared for children from the age of 4-13 in a classroom environment. However, my nieces and nephews are younger and I have seen them grow from a baby to now. I do have some experience with younger children from ages 0-2 years old, however, no formal training apart from always being around to assist my sisters' with minding their children. I have been responsible for children from 8am- 3pm and outside of those hours with tutoring. I also worked with workaway as an all-day- morning to night/ stayed over at the same location as the children. My families children I have spent overnight/ and weekend with as well. I have been trusted to ensure the safety of over 25 students for 6 years every day. In my profession, parents leave their children in my hands expecting their child to come home at the end of the day happy and safe. My job is about developing good relationships and honouring each and every child’s indépendant needs from social, mental and physical well being. I am firm when I need to be to ensure the safety and respect of a child but also caring and fun! I have always developed great relationships with children as a form of mutual respect for each other.

My References

Reference Received from: Kathy Dawes


"Matilda is a very bubbly and approachable teacher. She is versatile with age groups. At our school, Matilda did an exceptional job with Prep, year 6 and year 3. She was adored by both students and parents. Matilda has a lovely manner with the students and she has a very caring nature. I would not hesitate to recommend Matilda for a job with your agency."
Reference Received from: Donna Mills


"I have known Matilda Colless for over 5 years and worked with her in the capacity of teaching colleague and as her Head of Curriculum. When working with children, I am always impressed by her outstanding levels of creativity, organisation, common sense and zest. Matilda demonstrates a strong social conscience and others enjoy being around her optimistic outlook. There is no reason to think that Matilda would not transfer the same levels of commitment and enthusiasm that she demonstrates as a classroom teacher into any other line of work that she chooses to engage in. I highly recommend Matilda for this position."