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Marta Kozma

About Me

Name:Marta Kozma
D.O.B.:13 October 1988
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed

Experience & Qualifications


By the way of introduction, my name is Marta Kozma and I currently live in Budapest (Hungary), working in the Finance sector (Morgan Stanley). I studied finance (MSc) at University – I lived in a dorm together with students during my academic studies, where I have learnt how to live in a community and be tolerant with others, I have also learnt self-sufficiency. I started working at my current workplace in 2015. Since then I have gained increasing responsibility and have had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and manage junior team members, whilst also improving my communication skills within a multicultural environment.
Furthermore, I have extensive relevant catering experience which I gained during my University studies when I spent 3 summers in the USA (State of Maine, Fayette). Whilst in America, I worked in a summer camp as a member of the kitchen staff, in baker position. A high standard of the service was expected to meet the requirements of the job and whilst working there I learnt the importance of paying attention to details, working in an international team with diverse cultural backgrounds, how to be a team player, how to work together and sometimes how to motivate people to do their best. I had to cater to the needs of all of the guests whilst also ensuring the needs of kids with special diets were met. Aside from it being my job, baking is also a hobby for me because I can enjoy being creative which is an important part of my personality.
Why do I choose France for the winter season? Besides the fact I love snowboarding and have visited the French Alps on winter holidays for years, I am interested France, the country and culture itself, and I would like to experience living in France and restart learning French.
Although I have a strong professional calling in Finance, I have snowboard for many years (>10) and I am a huge fan of it – I always had the desire to go up to the mountains and work there. I am an outgoing person who enjoys socializing and working whilst also having fun on the slopes, therefore I am looking for a season job as well – as I like taking care of children and hanging with kids, this job fits to me the best.

Education: Corvinus University of Budapest
BSc – Finance and Accounting
MSc – Finance – Investment Analysis
Clean Driving License (category „B”)
Summer Camp job in USA (Fayette, Maine) - taking care of meals/special diets of kids
English - Advanced Language Exam

I have unpaid experience with children, as in my family there are kids who needed to be looked after. During summer vacations I spent much time with children - I was responsible to take care of my young relatives - their ages were from the age of 3 and older. The maximum number of them was 2 I have been responsible for at one time. I also taught my little cousin in English when she went to primary school - we studied a lot together so her grades imroved due to my help. As I like cooking and my hobby is baking I also enjoy peraparing food and feeding kids.

My References

Alpine Child Care are currently verifying this reference.