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Ludvig Rindegård

About Me

Name:Ludvig Rindegård
D.O.B.:16 May 2003
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys
CRB Check:01 Oct 2022

Experience & Qualifications


Hi! My name is Ludvig and I’m a 20-year-old male from Sweden. Other than working in child care I was employed for 6 month during my final year of “high school” in a sports retail store called XXL in Sweden. More specifically in the ski and bike department. I have also worked with event hosting and security, mainly during football games.

I have grown up in a very active family, we have always been outside a lot, cycling together, skiing, playing tennis, going to the gym etc. My main interest has always been basketball which I have played since I was 7 until very recently. My general appreciation for sports is a big part of my personality.
Besides from that I have always loved skiing and snowboarding which is why I decided to work in the alps this winter. Since I have gained experience in child care this past year and have found it really fun and rewarding, I came to the conclusion that it was the right choice for me.

Firstly, I have an upper secondary school diploma with a focus on natural science as my highest academic qualification. In terms of practical experience, I have worked as a preschool and substitute teacher for one year since my graduation. This experience involved caring for and teaching children ranging in age from 1 to 12 years. Additionally, I have several years of experience with children as a basketball coach during my time in school.
With the knowledge I have acquired so far, I feel confident in my ability to care for children and ensure their well-being and happiness.

Regarding my employment at a school and preschool, as mentioned earlier I have been responsible for children ranging in age from 1-12. Spending time with the younger (1-6 year olds), I have achieved a good understanding of how young children reason and operate in various situations. I have learned to treat all individuals equally while adapting to different personalities and needs to create a safe and engaging environment.
Of course the work included a variety of common child care chores, such as comforting crying children, changing diapers and planning and executing educational gatherings/games. Many hours during a typical working day I also functioned as a a playing partner for the children.

During my time with the school kids (age 6-12), I gained valuable experience in managing large groups of children and providing specialized instructions for those with learning and concentration difficulties. It was a rewarding experience that allowed me to develop my skills in education and child care. Same thing goes with the basketball coaching, the main upside experience wise is the big response the comes with handling such large child groups. Even though it is not a necessity for nannying jobs, I believe it could be helpful being used to that type of pressure and the patience needed to handle situations like those. The largest group I have been responsible for was at a basketball camp, where I was responsible for a group of 30 children along with one colleague for a week.

My References

Reference Received from: Maria Nordvall


"Ludvig is a well liked employee among the school’s personnel and all kids ranging from 1-11 years old. He’s good at communicating with the kids and initiating different kind of activities such as reading, sports and chess. He’s reliable and always on time and his coworkers trust and respect him for it. He excels at comforting and taking care of the younger children due to his awareness to their different kind of needs.
We are sad to be losing him this winter but I can ensure you that he would do a great job if he was hired.
Kind regards