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Luca Bonardo

About Me

Name:Luca Bonardo
D.O.B.:17 May 1984
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


In recent years, I have really experienced so many amazing experiences: from personal growth groups to meditation retreats, passing through the most ancestral shamanic rituals.

After I began to meditate I stopped smoking and eating meat. I started to play sports, losing almost 30 kg of weight. I ran a marathon, traveled thousands of kilometers on my bike and last in order of time, but not least, I have taken the Santiago de Compostela Way walking 900 kilometers in 35 days.

This year, after a long journey lasted about a year, I decided to come in Meribel and do this experience as a seasonal worker: I’ve already a job at the “Freeski" shop (a ski Rental in Meribel village), but I’m searching for a second occupation, because I dream to start again my journey at the end of the season.

Hi! I'm Luca, 33 years old, from Italy.
I do not have specific training to work with children (I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering...), but I have a lot of experience because I have a sister 21 years old younger than me. And yes, I can say that I worked as a 'nanny' part time the last 12 years!

I simply love to spend time with children, because through them I can always learn something.


As I already wrote, my experience is a "family" job as a nanny. So I mostly took care of one young girl and sometimes one or two friends of her. In the first 3 years my mum wasn't working, so she was almost always present: that's mean that I don't have a lot of experience with the diapers... For that reason, I would like to take care of children aged three and up.

I'm even available to do some cleaning jobs in the house, hard jobs (such as removing snow), and little maintenance repairing stuff.

My References

Reference Received from: Nicolò Turletti


"I have known Luca through the volunteering experience he carried on with Giglio Onlus, working with families with hospitalised children. He demonstrated himself as a very responsible person, with a great passion for taking care of people and of the environment they live in. He is able to undertake duties, showing enthusiasm and dedication.
He is also playful and with a sunny, friendly and joyful personality.
I am sure he is perfect for this position and that he will do a great job taking care of the children. I could not suggest a better person.
Nicolò Turletti
Reference Received from: Patricia Molinello


"Luca is a very warm, caring and always happy person, playfull but in the same time responsible. he can easily replace himself in the wonderworl' of a child. At our place where he worked for a few weeks we got to know him als a calm person, an everybodies friend, teamplayer, very flexible, clever and fast learner. We have no doubts children will enjoy being with him and you can be sure they are in very good hands.
Patricia benjamins
Co-founder Holiday center Sadhaka in France