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Liezl Botha

About Me

Name:Liezl Botha
D.O.B.:22 June 1995
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


I'm a very happy enthusiastic young adult that loves to travel and experience different cultures everywhere I go. I might not have a degree yet but what I do have is some life experience and since I've been taking care of myself since 2014 when I left home to travel the world, I feel like I've learnt a thing or two about life. I love animals and the outdoors, I've decided to work in childcare this winter because what better way to spend the winter with little humans loving everyday more then the previous, enjoying every moment of it.

I finished High School in 2013 from Paarl Gimnasium high school in Paarl, Cape Town. Since then I have been working on Super yachts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. I have been on my current boat for 20 months and our owners has two daughters 9 and 11. He's older children has children of their own aged between 2 and 5 which also comes on the boat occasionally. I have Basic Level 1 first aid training.

I've done a holiday trip with the owners for 6 days in Layford Cay, Bahamas where I had to look after the girls (9 and 11) duties included making sure they were wearing sunblock, that they were safe in the pool and by the beach, dressed appropriately for lunch and dinner, driving them from the house to the club everyday. I also had to put them to bed. We've also had numerous guests onboard that had kids, aged between 1 to 11. A maximum of 3 kids at a time, they also brought nannies sometimes where we would help them take care of the kids.

My References

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Reference Received from: Anna Haldewang


"I worked with Liezl onboard M/Y Daybreak in the time of April-November 2014. During this time I had the pleasure of mentoring Liezl in the stewardess position. She excelled in all aspects of her job with a great demeanor and a superb work ethic. She was in constant contact with the owners grandson when he was onboard and quickly became the youngsters favorite crew member with her kind, gentle and loving personality. Liezl was highly reliable and punctual in the workplace and aimed for the very highest standards. I would definitely hire Liezl again in the future as she would be a great asset to your company. "
Reference Received from: Carli Botha


"I have personally worked with Liezl for quite some time in the hospitality industry.
Liezl has completed a few seasons in the Yachting industry where the vessel is chartered out to various different guests and families who come and stay onboard for a few weeks at a time.

Liezl is extremely good with kids and they always tend to love her. If I had kids of my own I would be more than happy to trust that they are taken care of and in good hands if I were to leave them with Liezl.

She is such a vibrant and positive young lady and I always see a smile on her face. She is hard working with very good moral values and is a loving and caring lady.

I would definitely recommend her as a Nanny.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information

Kindest Regards,