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Leah Sullivan

About Me

Name:Leah Sullivan
D.O.B.:29 May 1993
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix

Experience & Qualifications


My names Leah, I'm 23 years old from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a loud, energetic and fun person who loves her friends and family, is passionate about travelling and absolutely loves children. I'm coming to Chamonix for the winter season and am excited to get back into nannying + snowboarding after 4 months of travelling around Europe with my boyfriend.

Before I left New Zealand I studied then worked as a graphic designer (2014-2016) and absolutely loved my job. Being creative, I believe, is very important as adults and especially as kids. While nannying, I involve everyone in something creative whether its making up silly dances, painting or drawing.

-I attended a private school in New Zealand called Kristin School. Here I fully completed high school and achieved NCEA level 3 with Merit. I took part in many school productions and won awards such as the "Dance Excellence Award."

- In 2010 I completed a 1 year teaching training course to become a dance teacher

-In 2012 I completed a certificate in Human Nutrition Foundations online and out of my own interests

-In 2012 I completed a first aid course, which was valid for 1 year

-In 2015 I completed a diploma in Graphic Design

I have 6 years experience working with children. For two years (2010-2012) I worked as a dance teacher teaching kids aged 4-14 in the genres of jazz, hip-hop, musical theatre and more. At any one time I was in charge of 30 children and through movement, sound and voice I was able to have full control of the class. Around the studio (Neverland Studios in Auckland New Zealand), I was well respected by the students, kids, parents and my co-workers. I was sad to leave, but due to injury, I decided it was time to move on.

I then worked full time as a nanny for two boys aged 4 and 6. I watched them grow for two years and loved them dearly. I would get them ready for school or daycare, drop them off and pick then up, do after school activities, complete homework and cook dinner. With a lot of fun along the way.

I then started studying but two mornings a week would nanny for a family with a 2 and a 4 year old. We would get ready for daycare, play games and hangout until I dropped them at daycare at 10 and went to university.

In addition to this I've done many babysitting jobs from the age of 16 to present with experience in the age bracket of 2-15. I've found that kids easily warm to me due to my energetic nature and outgoing personality

My References

Reference Received from: Ashleigh Habgood


"Leah is amazing with kids. She has such a bubbly and enteric nature and is extremely playful. She has taught dance to kids for years at my dance school and was very popular. She was very reliable and always worked hard. Leah is always looking for a new challenge and will devote herself without hesitation to a family. "
Reference Received from: Alexandra Falk


"Leah was absolutely wonderful. She has a great positive can do attitude and will pick up the ball and help wherever help is needed. She is sweet and fun, we all enjoyed having her nice energy in the house. I would absolutely recommend her for any age or situation.

Alexandra Falk

January 2017
Reference Received from: Gill Macloughlin


"Leah was fabulous. We had a bad experience last year and were nervous about leaving Romy (now 2.5 yo) this year. Within minutes Leah connected with her and they spent their days making snowmen, playing hide and seek, meeting other little kids and going to the softplay area. We were able to ski and relax and felt total confidence in Leah's ability to take care of Romy.

We will use Alpine Child Care again.

Gill MacLoughlin
February 2018