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Josefin Strömblad

About Me

Name:Josefin Strömblad
D.O.B.:23 September 2000
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix

Experience & Qualifications


Hi! My name is Josefin and I am 19 years old Swedish girl staying for the whole season here in Chamonix looking for a babysitting job. I have lots of experience from taking care of children in different kinds of situations. I have a genuine interest in children and have always found working with kids being both meaningful and fun! A part from working as a nanny, coach and camp-leader I have also worked as a waitress and shift-leader in a restaurant. To describe myself I would say I am social, positive and ambitious. I always strive to do my best and having fun at the same time. This spring I graduated from gymnasium and have worked at a restaurant to earn money to go to Chamonix. I have always loved working with children and would find it a great chance to be able to baby-sit here. Especially as it is a job that I really enjoy. Apart from skiing which I love I am an active person who have played football and danced my whole life. Further, I talk English (lived one year in London) and Swedish and know some basic french (and hopefully I will learn more this season). :)

I have gone through several child care educations involving security, how to best take care of children and leadership. This I have done at different football organisations for becoming a football coach. Further, I also went through a longer education in becoming a sailing instructor and camp leader for children which was mainly focused on how to best take care of the children, solving certain situations and security (first aid training) especially dealing with accidents. In addition I have completed CPR training which I have practiced several times throughout the years.

I have multiple child care experience from being a personal babysitter for a family, working as a football coach, being a sailing instructor as well as camp leader for children. Further, I also did an unpaid "internship" at a preschool. In addition I have also been taking care of my younger sister and helped out with younger relatives. I have taken care of children of all ages from babysitting a 5 years old and a 8 years old to coaching children in football from 6 to 13. When babysitting I have been responsible for maximum 3 children and when working at camp or as a coach being in charge of approximately 10 children

My References

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