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Jodie Mullen

About Me

Name:Jodie Mullen
D.O.B.:11 March 1993
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Paradiski
CRB Check:01 Apr 2012

Experience & Qualifications


Hello my name is Jodie Mullen and I will be based in the paradiski area this winter, I will be available to look after your children from December to April and would love the opportunity!

I may not have any official child care qualifications but I do have a LOTS of experience working with a wide range of children of all ages. I am also CRB checked and fully first aid qualified.

I have a real passion for working with children & love playing games.

I work very well with people of all ages and consider myself to be very friendly and enthusiastic.

I love traveling and experiencing new things and I'm so looking forward to spending the Winter out in the Alps.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Jodie Mullen :)

I am an aspiring P.E Teacher and after leaving High School with Higher Education in P.E, English and History; I studied Sports Coaching for one year at College. Whilst at school and college I actively sought out opportunities to work with children of all ages. I frequently coached in Primary Schools and undertook peer mentoring.

Whilst at college I gained a First Aid Qualification, which certifies me for the next 3 years, and my life guard qualification.

After College I then decided to reach out further for more experience working with children. I found a placement at a Camp in Connecticut USA, where I was a Camp Councellor at Club Getaway for just under 5 months. It was an amazing experience where I worked with children ages 1-14 on a daily basis. Upon returning from Camp I began to reach out to ski resorts for even more experience working with children.

I am also a qualified Army Cadet Instructor and have been for the past year now. I work with around 40 young cadets ages between 12-16. I love watching the kids learn and grown, it is very strict but extremely fun. I believe that the more experience I can gain, the better a coach/childcarer I will become.

I think that over the years I have worked with thousands of children!! Every opportunity that came up throughout School, College, my Cadets and even in America I took in order to gain more experience and to have some fun! I think that the more children you work with the more you learn about how they want to play and basically just how they want to have fun!

When I was on coaching placement with my college my class sizes where around 30 kids, they where usually Primary 5, so around 8 years old, these kids came from poor backrounds and weren't interested in playing sports at all, but slowly but surely they came around with a bit of tough love.

When I was in the USA I also had around 30-40 kids, theses kids ranged from 6-14 and I had to facilitate them on the activities we had at camp, like zip lines, the climbing wall, the waterfront and archery.

I also took up babysitting roles whilst at camp, I baby sat during family weeks. I would look after the children during the night as the parents went off to party in camp; I would get them ready for bed and make sure they slept through the night. I also looked after the same children during the day as the parents had fun on the activites.

Whilst at The Army Cadets, I am responsible for around 40 young cadets, these kids are slightly older and my main role is to set up timetables for there classes and ensure they are safe at all times. All my coaching work and the Cadets, is voluntary, the only work with kids I have ever done which has been paid, is Camp America; and I would have probably done it for free it was that much fun!

My References

Reference Received from: David Taylor


"My family met Jodie this summer at Club Getaway in Connecticut in the USA. Though we only spent a week together, my 5 year old daughter Daisy formed a bond with Jodie that to this day is still very strong. At least once a week since we last saw Jodie, Daisy will see some memory of their time together and pine away for her. Maybe it is a photo they are all in, or perhaps it is the beaded bracelet they carefully crafted together one afternoon, but whatever it is that reminds Daisy of Jodie, they are fond memories. Memories of care, and understanding, thoughtfulness, and kindness. I highly recommend Jodie to any family that needs a wonderful caregiver to help with their children.


David Taylor
Reference Received from: Joshua Teitelbaum


"Jodie spent the past summer as an Activities Counselor/Facilitator in the USA at Club Getaway, Kent CT. In her role at Club Getaway, Jodie was primary counselor responsible for the safety and well-being of approximately 20 children a day. The children in Jodie's care ranged from ages 3-16. Jodie was responsible and fun. Jodie is a real "free spirit," and the children in her care always gravitated to her silly, fun-loving, warm personality. Jodie's energy is second-to-none. Any child would be lucky to be in Jodie's care, and parents are sure to love her too. We miss her here in the USA, and we eagerly await her return next summer if she chooses to come back!!"