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Jeppe Peder Grejs Petersen

About Me

Name:Jeppe Peder Grejs Petersen
D.O.B.:21 June 1999
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 4 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


I'm a 21 year old guy from Denmark staying in Verbier for the season, and i'm exited to work as a nanny for your kids. All of last summer, for about 6 months, i worked in a kindergarten/daycare. I grew quite fond of working with kids, as they have a nice way to look at life, so i found it obvious that i wanted to work more with kids.
Last winter i also worked with older kids, as i worked at a ski school. I met a lot of different kids, and i learned how to get to know them quickly and how to make sure they had fun!

This summer i worked in a daycare/kindergarten full time, so i now the needs of and how to entertain kids in that age. Last winter i worked as a ski instructor in Canada, were i worked with kids in the age 3-12. There i learned to entertain, talk and make sure the kids were having fun in the snow.
A few years ago i also worked as a soccer coach in Denmark, where i also worked with kids in the age of 8-12.
I finished the danish gymnasium last summer (similar to High School). I have some first aid tranning, as it is required by law when you get your drivers license in Denmark.

I worked full time in a daycare/kindergarten last summer, where i cared for kids in the age of 1-5. At some point in the day i would be responsible for up to 10-20 kids, when they were out playing. I had to change them if an accident came up, and also comfort them if they got hurt.
Last winter i worked as a ski instructor, where i cared for kids in the age of 3-12. I got to know a lot of different kids, and how to make sure their needs where met best, so they would have the most fun possibly.

My References

Reference Received from: Mats Berger


"Jeppe is great with children. He is very listening and at the same time structured in having a plan for what to do together with them. He is very reliable and takes his job seriously and acts with great responsibility.
He enjoys playing with children and take care of them.
I've enjoyed his skills with children both when it comes to his work as assistent football coach and taking care of my children.
With Jeppe, the children are always in good hands.