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Hanna Frederiksen

About Me

Name:Hanna Frederiksen
D.O.B.:20 August 1999
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix

Experience & Qualifications


After graduating from the natural science program at Katedralskolan in Lund Sweden I started working as a barista for full time and occasionally also as a babysitter for a family of two children, four and eight years old. I am always dedicated in what I do and have nothing against working under high pressure.

I graduated school as a top student but also made the time to engage in an orchestra and a high school theatre. Accordingly I am a very social girl who is used to teamwork and a full schedule. As a person people would describe me as kind, ambitious and positive. With these qualities I hope and believe that I would have a lot to offer.

During my high school years I have had summer internships, however during the semester I have only worked sporadically as a tennis teacher, babysitter for two different families and a waitress at different events. I love spending time with children and have had great times with both the family I last worked for and the children who I have had In my tennis classes

I hope I have caught your interest and look forward to any future cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, an interview or if there is anything else I can do.

I am a nineteen year old girl from Sweden who is living in Chamonix for the winter season. My ambition is above all to improve my skiing, but also to find a job and since I love children it just seems like the perfect job during the season.

I graduated from the Swedish equivalent of high school last June, with both a scholarship for excellence in academic as well as mathematics. I have had French-studies for six years, and also lived a semester abroad in Seatlle, Us, where I attended Roosevelt High School.

I myself have played tennis for many years and was 2015 offered to take a course to become a tennis instructor for ATL. Since then I have worked sporadically as a tennis instructor for children in the ages five to nine for about a year. The number of children in the groups varied from four to fifteen depending on the children's age. With the younger we played different types of games, we where two teachers, and there where about 15 children or so. However with the older ones we were at a tennis court learning the basic.

Nova (eight) and Niko (four) are the two children that I have been babysitting. The first time I babysat the two of them Niko was barely one year old, and since then I helped out once or twice. The last semester however I have been there many times. Both during the evening, slept over and spent the day together.

I have also looked after family friends children from time to time, however these children have usually been a bit older, around the ages eight to 13.

My References

Alpine Child Care are currently verifying this reference.