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Gaia Bareket

About Me

Name:Gaia Bareket
D.O.B.:10 November 1996
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Alpe d Huez

Experience & Qualifications


I used to work in a kinder garden and also in few stores and restaurants. Volunteering with teenagers. Im an artist in her first steps(; dancing, painting and making lots of theatre stuff. i love to create things with children and to get inspaiered from them. i like to sing and laugh as much as i can. Also snowboarding and in love with the snow and found that as an opportunity to mix few of my hobbies together. My brothet is working in Alpe D'Huez in the whole seasone and im coming to visit him. ill be there from the 10th of January till the 5th of Febuary. i Love to travel and meet people from all around the world. Found that as an opportunity to know also children and make my homely job far from home.

Hello(: my name is Gaya, im from Israel, but speaking English well. I Finished high school and doing a lot of babysitting. I live in a neiberhood full of young famelies so i had the opportunity to be the baby sitter of all of the children in all agaes. Also have a six years old cousin which im spending a lot of time with him since he was a baby till now. i love children and Im looking forward to know your children and having fun with them.

Im doing a lot of babysitting since i was 11 years old. which means alraedy 7 years. there were times when i used to take care of the same children every day and i alwayse had a great connect to them. im fine with taking care of few children together and im also in love with babies.

My References

Reference Received from: Mia Talmi


Gaia is very sweet! During the time she was caring for my children I found her to be super attentive and compassionate. She spoke to them in a respectful and adult manner (unlike others who would use baby tones and such) and I think it's part of what caused them to like her so much. She has a lot of patience and in general has a positive disposition.
Mia Klinger

Reference Received from: Hadar Frenkel


"Gaia is our neighbor and one of the favorite babysitters for our 3 kids (Gili-8, Itai-7,Sheer-2). She has a great approach with children and they are always happy to have her around.

With Gaia we feel that we are leaving our kids in safe hands, as we know she is responsible and resourceful while knowing how to keep our children busy with fun games that fit their passions.

We recommend anyone that is looking for a child caring service to enjoy Gaia’s professional work and to get to know her warm & caring personality.

Hadar & Shy Frenkel


Reference Received from: Michal Porat


"I know Gaia since she was a little girl, as a friend of her familly. She often takes care of my children and they love her! You can rely on her. She is very trustworhty, with lots of patience and wonderful with children. She has much experience as she takes care of many children in our village and is able to connect with each one of them. I truly highly recommend her for this job.