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Emily Okelo

About Me

Name:Emily Okelo
D.O.B.:9 December 1988
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix

Experience & Qualifications


I absolutely adore being around children, I'm patient and also have a lot of energy. I enjoy helping the develop and whilst also having fun.
I have decided to work in childcare in Chamonix as my partner is currenty located there.
I enjoy all the usual things like reading and travelling but spend a lot of time practicing yoga, swimming and sewing.

I graduated in Leicester having studied medical science in 2013 and worked in the Medical field for a few years. In september I will start studying dentistry in Budapest and I am saving for my education.
I taught English and the importance of oral hygiene to children (ages 2-16) in the Dominican Republic for 3 months as part of a voluntary project called ISV.I also taught English in an international school in Hungary called Galambos Lindenfield to students aged 13/14. I am trained in first aid and also have a full UK driving licence

I have been responsible for children from the age of 2-13 years and have looked up to 4 chidren at a time. My neice has been staying with me during the summer holidays for up to 3 weeks at a time from the age of 2.

My References

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Reference Received from: Jessie Lacy


"Emily engaged with our kids wonderfully well. They looked forward to her coming each day.
She went above and beyond not just playing and looking after them but also keeping everything tidy and in order. Would 100% recommend her.

All the best

February 2017
Reference Received from: Candice Edinburgh


"Emily is a kind and consciencious person. She is extremely reliable, responsible and a great mediator whenever necessary. The best thing about Emily in my experience is the relationship she has developed with my children. She has a great balance of firmness and playfulness and knows when to be affectionate. She is a real support and the children absolutely adore her. "