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Ellie Taylor

About Me

Name:Ellie Taylor
D.O.B.:28 February 1994
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Paradiski
CRB Check:01 Dec 2017

Experience & Qualifications


I am a French-speaking university graduate (BA French and English from Cardiff University) with a passion for surfing, skiing, running, and anything outdoors!

I have experience in retail, tourism, catering, childcare, and teaching. I have looked after many children of different ages in an array of different settings, so I am competent and confident in my ability to provide a fun and secure service.

I am spending the season in Belle Plagne because I want to ensure that I don't lose my French after graduating! I also love skiing and I want to work towards my Level 2 Instructor's qualification. I would like to work in childcare as I simply love working with little ones; it brings out my creative side and we always have a lot of fun!

I have graduated Cardiff University this year with a 2.1 in BA French and English. I am also a BASI Alpine Level 1 Ski Instructor. This qualification includes a Safeguarding Children certification as well as an Outdoor Emergency First Aid qualification.

I have lots of experience working with children of different ages and in different settings:

From 2011-2013 I worked as a nanny for a local family with two children aged 4 and 8. This involved school collections, helping with homework, indoor and outdoor activities and preparing their meals.

In 2013 I worked as a ski nanny for Snowfocus, a chalet in the French Alps. This involved liaising with ESF instructors in order to care for the little ones in and around their lessons, organising and supervising lunches on the mountain, and playing with them in the chalet's playroom. The children were anywhere between 6 months to 15 years old and groups could be sized from 2 children up to 10 at any one time. I have returned to Snowfocus several times to work as I love it so much!

In 2014 I worked as a Childcare Assistant at Treble Cone Ski Area in New Zealand, providing childcare support for parents and instructors on the mountain throughout the day. The little ones were aged from as little as a few months to around 13 years old and I was responsible for 1 to 7 children at a time.

From 2015-2016 I worked in three primary schools in Chambéry, France, teaching English to classes of children aged 3 to 12. I independently planned and taught the majority of these lessons, using fun activities and games to help them learn.

Most importantly, I am the oldest sibling of three so entertaining little ones is something that I love and that comes very naturally to me!

My References

Reference Received from: Sue Stevenson


"Ellie has worked for us as our chalet nanny during the season 2012/2013 and has come back to help us out in our busy periods whilst she was at University. Ellie has the most amazing manner with children of all ages although she works especially well with the younger ones. All the children that she worked with during her time with us adored her. She is creative and energetic yet is also able to gain respect and sets good, understandable boundaries. She is an excellent communicator and parents always felt very confident leaving their children in her care. Always smiley and enthusiastic, we cannot recommend Ellie more highly. "
Reference Received from: Véronique Nicorosi


"I'm the language advisor of the Departmente De La Savoie in the Northern French Alps. I am in charge of the language assistants coming every year in our area, 15 persons. Ellie arrived in October 2015 and left in April 2016. Danielle worked 12 hours a week in three different schools, teaching children aged 6-11. The teachers she worked with were very different , some very confident asking her to help them with pronunciation and group work, others barely speaking English and asking her to prepare all the lessons. For those teachers it was very appreciated she spoke French. All the teachers were very thankful to Danielle and said how good she was adapting to different children and ages. She was reliable and always on time and she was kind and showed a lot of care with her teaching. I highly recommend Danielle and if you need any more information you can please contact me.

Veronique Nicorosi


Reference Received from: Anna Bogie


"I can highly recommend Ellie Taylor as a nanny, she was absolutely wonderful with our children when we went skiing in La Plagne.

My sister and I hired Ellie to look after our youngest children (a girl and boy both aged 2), so we could go and ski. We were both apprehensive as our little ones are very clingy and enjoy a few toddler tantrums! We needn’t have worried at all as they both took to Ellie immediately without a moments concern. Ellie cared for the two children in our chalet, playing games, doing arts and craft, music, making forts. She prepared their lunch and took them out in the snow to play also.

Ellie was always enthusiastic and cheerful and the children adored her. She had lots of energy and was able to entertain the children easily every day. She was also able to manage their little squabbles and ‘sharing’ issues! My son was calling Ellie his ‘best friend’ from day one and was devastated when he realised she wasn’t coming back home with us!

Ellie was also very sensible and practical, both our children were a little poorly and Ellie gave them medicine as instructed but was also able to tell if they needed another dose (checking with us first). She always made sure they were drinking water and eating well.

Additionally Ellie was great with our other children when they returned from skiing.

I really couldn’t have been happier with Ellie, she was bright and positive to be around, the children loved her and she enabled us to fully enjoy our skiing holiday without worrying about our little ones.

A Bogie
La Plagne , December 2017