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Hanna Öberg

About Me

Name:Hanna Öberg
D.O.B.:7 May 1999
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix
CRB Check:01 May 2019

Experience & Qualifications


One of my biggest interests are cooking and baking. I love working out and beeing outside running, biking or skiing. I put a lot of time into reading books and language learning. Hanging out with friends and meeting new people, is also something I enjoy, since I am a very social person with a lot of curiosity.

I am a ice hockey referee in the Women´s top leauge in Sweden (SDHL), and a level B referee for the International Ice Hockey Federation. In January I have gotten the opportunity to attend the 2020 IIHF ICE HOCKEY U18 WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Division I, Group B in Katowice, POLAND.

I have a Les Mills Bodypump Certification, and one and a half years experience as a group training instructor.

Besides working with children, I have experience from distrubution, working in various stores, restaurants and as a receptionist. I am also a volunteering treasurer for the Swedish National Referee Association.

I have an upper-secondary school diploma in economics from Lulea Sports Gymnasium, where studies are combined with elite sports, which in my case was ice hockey. My degree project reported about the working environment for Swedish ice hockey referees.

I have been a teacher in both kindergarten and middle-school, from grade three to grade nine. During my time as a middle-school teacher, I taught English, Social Studies and Mathematics. Two times a week I had group reading classes together with students having reading disabilities. For two months I worked with younger Children, aged 3-7, with Down Syndrome, Autism and other functional impairments.

I am highly educated in English, communication and leadership. I am also educated in ice safety and how to get out of an ice hole. I know CPR, Heimlich and how to use a lifebouy. Nutrition, health and athleticism are other areas I have great knowledge in.

I have been working as a full time kindergarden teacher for 9 months. A group of 16 kids, 0-3 years old, in a team of three teachers. Combined with supporting 18 kids from 3-6 years old, in another group. The maximum amount of children I put to bed at the same time are six kids. I love cooking and being creative. Painting, dancing, playing outside, biking, reading books and doing other crafts. Changing diapers, bathing and dressing kids are things I know very well.

I have two younger sisters, and four younger cousins, one with ADD and slight Autism, that I have been taking care of since my younger teens.

Working with children exposes me daily to new challenges and new impressions. The work gives me knowledge about human relations and great joy.

My References

Reference Received from: Camilla Malmstrom


"Hannah has been working with me at pre school for 6 months. She's very good with the children and they love her right back. Hanna also has a great connection with the children's parents. Hanna has alot of big hugs, she laughs easily but can also tell the rules for our children in a very good way. We will miss her! If you need more information please contact me, milla.malmstrom@gmail.com

Mila Malmstrom
Borgmästarens pre school

+46 73 083 67 62
Reference Received from: Theresa Pfab


"Hanna looked after our 12 month old son for a week in Chamonix. We were initially nervous about leaving him with a nanny, but with Hanna's nursery experience we were in safe hands! Upon our arrival, Hanna took time out of her schedule to visit us and meet our son, getting a download of information and getting acquainted with him before we left them together.
Hanna got on great with our son, she was straight in there playing on hands and knees with him and managed his quirks well. They went out for walks, played, he ate like a king and had quality naps.
We were also very satisfied as Hanna was on time, professional and flexible to our needs. She babysat for us in the day so we could go and ski and put him to bed a couple of evenings so we could go out and eat. We'd definitely recommend Hanna as a nanny to other parents visiting Chamonix.

Kind regards,

Theresa, December 2019