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Carlotta Dall'Aglio

About Me

Name:Carlotta Dall'Aglio
D.O.B.:25 February 1975
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


I love children, expecially the very little ones from 5-6 months to one year old, they are very cute! Like I wrote before, since I'm living in France I'm doing this job that actually has started cause I don't know french well enough to apply for a "french job" and I really don't want to work in restaurants or bars cause I did it once when I was younger and it has been enough. Last winter I did cleanings in two houses of my village. Besides skiing and snowshoes, I love riding my road bicycle that I start using here from late spring. I've done several trips with my mtb, some of them very short, but many of them very long, from two up to eight months crossing Europe and Asia, they have been adventures travels, not competitions.

Since I moved to live with my partner in St. Jean De Belleville (near St. Martin), in winter I look after the children and this is the third winter I'm doing this job. I'm italian and I studied administration and languages at high school in Italy where I worked in office for different companies. In summer I'm a tour leader for bicycle tours and I work mostly for an american tour operator and for an italian too, so I work with americans, canadians and italians clients. I did the first aid training, I have to do it every two years for the american tour operator I'm working for. Four years ago I also took part, like a voluntary, in the ambulance emergency service of the italian village I lived.

I mostly work for an english tour operator called "Powder and Shine" that has three catered-chalets and one self-catered chalet in "Reberty Village 2000", near Les Menuires, and it won the first price for the best catered-chalets in the Belleville Valley for the third consecutive year. The manager of this tour operator has an 8 months old baby that I look after sometimes and, for the second winter, I looked after her nephew, two years old now, when his parents come here for skiing. I'm used to look after two or more kids at one time, seven it has been my maximum number for only one evening while the parents went out for dinner. Twice I looked after six kids at one time ages from 4,5 to 12 years old that I had to pick up after the ski lesson, give them lunch and looked after them for the afternoon. Last year I looked after french twins 7 months old, very cute! And two sisters ages 2,5 and 1 years old and the one year old was deaf and the parents teached me how to use the devices for the ears. The minimum age, I had so far, has been 5,5 months old and the children are mostly english, some french and one russian baby. I do the evenings too. I don't have children, but I have a cute nephew 5 years old and when he was little, I helped my mother in looking after him.

My References

Reference Received from: Sally Busby


"Carlotta has looked after my children who are 3 and 1 and a half. She has looked after them twice, once in Easter 2015 and in January 2016. Carlotta is wonderful with the children, she is very natural and happy to help in any way. We were potty training and she was very glad to help us do this, she was also great during meal times, my children can be fussy eaters! I would hight recommend Carlotta to look after anyone's children. She is trustworthy and reliable."
Reference Received from: Clare Busby


"We own an apartment in Chalet Adele in St Martin along with family members. Both my sister in law and I employ Carlotta to look after our children. Carlotta has looked after Liliana for long periods of time during the ski season since she was 6 months old. She is now nearly 3. We now put Liliana in Piou Piou during the day but if we require a babysitter for the evening we always rely on Carlotta. My sister in law has 2 children whom are looked after by Carlotta full time whilst they ski.

Carlotta is reliable, prompt and fantastic with children. She speaks perfect English and has a very happy disposition. Her interaction with the children is playful and attentive which makes leaving the children with her easy and stress free.

We will be back in St Martin at the end of February and will hopefully have the opportunity to work with Carlotta again.

0044 7872 835054
Reference Received from: Robert Clough


"Carlotta was fantastic with our 2 boys, she was very professional, friendly and helpful. After the first day my little boy gave her cuddles and said thank you. She worked hard to keep both baby and 2 year old happy and entertained. If we return we'd book her again.

Robert Clough
Les Menuires
March 2017