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Carl Björk

About Me

Name:Carl Björk
D.O.B.:13 July 1997
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix

Experience & Qualifications


Hello parents! I'm a 25 year old guy from Sweden who loves outdoor activities and playing around with children. Being the oldest brother, of three siblings, I've always been a bit of a caretaker. One of my first jobs was to be a baby sitter, for a 8-10 years old during high school. We had a lot of fun together but eventually he got too old to need a baby sitter. During and after that time I've been working with children in many different ways. I've been a football trainer, swimming teacher, sailing instructor and been working in a summer camp for children with though living situations at home. The children have been between 4 and 12 years old but all these experiences has had one thing in common: the positive energy I get from the children I meet and get to know. I'm spending the winter season studying to finish off my one year master degree within finance. Other from that I try to go skiing, ski touring and climbing as much as possible. Since I have quite some free time besides the studying, and since I really like being around children, I figured that working part time as a baby sitter during this winter would be a perfect idea!

Hello, my name is Calle Bjork. I'm currently spending the winter in Chamonix studying a master program in finance on distance from a Swedish university. Since I have some time on the side and enjoy spending time with children I thought it would be great to work extra as a baby sitter. During three years in high school I used to be a baby sitter for a 8-10 years old. On top of that I've been a football trainer, swimming teacher, and sailing instructor for kids from 4 up to 12 years old. Since sailing and swimming are around water you have extra responsibility and we had frequent rescue and first aid training, especially at the sailing camp. I also spent one summer (2,5 years ago) in a summer camp for kids with a though living situation at home, that was a really good and emotional experience with a lot of challenges that helped me improve my pedagogical skills around kids.

As mentioned above, most of my experience with children has been in bigger groups, as an instructor or leader. But it has often been in summer camps where you get really personal with the children, who stay between 1-3 weeks. During these periods all kinds of conflicts, incidents and accidents occur. This has helped me to learn to deal with anything from injuries, kids fighting among each other, and home sickness. The days at the summer camp are not entirely planned, leaving us leaders free with our imagination to play with the children and making them have a good time. The ages has ranged between 4 and 12 years old and sometimes I've been responsible for up to 20 children together with just one other leader.

My References

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