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Brenda Flaherty

About Me

Name:Brenda Flaherty
D.O.B.:16 July 1992
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Paradiski

Experience & Qualifications


Well, my name is Brenda Flaherty. I am currently working in a French bakery in Portland Oregon while visiting my older sister. I am very family oriented and understand the importance of care within families and especially children. I have worked in the outdoor education system for the past four years and have learnt a great deal working with children. It has taught me not just how children work, play, learn, laugh and love but they have also taught me a lot about myself.
I have a great way with children, undeniable patience and listen intently to anything they have to say. They have taught me that I care deeply and this motivates me to keep trying something new to teach the younger generation to stay adventurous and to never stop learning.
Since working in many different fields from business, receptionist, bar & catering and dabbled in marketing and other fields, I have learnt that there is nothing more enjoyable than working with kids who get to experience and learn something new and wonderful everyday.
What better way to spend each day than enjoying everyday moments with children waking up in the mountains each day. Learning how to ski, snowboard, feel the cold, fall and get back up again. Teach them to never stop trying. Would love top be apart of a families winter vacation experience, to help bring joy each day.

My interests include kayaking, climbing, hiking, swimming and a new absolute love is practicing yoga. I spend a great deal of my down time reading and writing and sometimes painting when I get the chance. These creative spurts normally occur when working with children or just playing with my younger cousins or friends children.

(BA HONS) Degree in Business with Sports Management
(FETAC L5) Sports and leisure with soccer skills
(FETAC L5) Outdoor instructor traineeship
Kayak Instructor Level 1
Mountaineering Leader Trained
SPA Trained
REC 3 First Aid
Code of Ethics -Child Protection certified
Irish drivers license
River safety rescue award

I have worked as an outdoor instructor in Ireland over the past four years. During this time I have worked with children from the ages of 6 to 16. Ratios normally work from 1:10 but I have often been responsible for larger quantities at any one time.
I have also worked as a babysitter for short spurts in Ireland for 3-4 days sporadically from ages of 5-12. This experience has been for relatives and through associations.

My References

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