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Beatris Rozenfelde

About Me

Name:Beatris Rozenfelde
D.O.B.:23 January 1991
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


I'm an intern at a private ENT clinique at Riga. I've learned a lot about human body, know how to take care of children also what to do in difficult situations. Have been looking after kids since I was 12 years old, they've been dfferent ages. Kids find me very easy to contact with and I love spending tike with them. My hobbies are traveling, cooking and i'm learning to ski. I can meet new people easy and would love to spend time with kids. :)

I'm a residency medicine student. Have graduated 6-year studies of medicine in Latvian Univeristy, now studying 4-year residency programme to become a ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. I've done first aid courses twice (studies and to get a drivers licence). Also been learning Montessori programme details.

Been taking care of a 3 year old latvian girl, the family lives in Norway, the city of Sogndal. Been looking after her for two summers. Both periods were 3.5 months. Here mothers name is Baiba Golubecka (+47 991 65 956)

Another family has a 1.5 years old girl Gabriela, I still take care of them once in a while when needed, now she has also a little boy named Adam who is 2,5 months old and i've been babbysitting him already for 4 times.They're mothers name is Madara Korneva (+371 2 6230102)

My References

Reference Received from: Baiba Golubecka


"To whom it may concern:

Please allow me to recommend Beatrise Rozenfelde as a nanny. She has been babysitting my 4 years old daughter for the past two summers.
Beatrise is bright, trustworthy, reliable and affectionate. She is excellent with children and also very responsible and stays calm in any situation. She relates to my daughter so much, and has ability to turn literally everything into a fun game. One thing I really apprechiate is her ability to keep my daughter calm under any circumstances and always maintain order. I felt safe leaving for work and knowing that my daugher is in good hands. Each day they played and explored, went for walks, sang and danced, practiced colors, shapes, numbers, etc.
Beatrise is very caring a loving towards children. My daughter loves her a lot, and always is excited to spend time with her.
I feel fortunate to have had Beatrise in my home. I am convinced that my daughter owes much of her positive development to her presence. She respects parents’ personal philosophies while being confident enough to independently make day-to-day decisions regarding children she is taking care of.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more about my experience with Beatrise.


Baiba Golubecka
Reference Received from: Madara Korņeva


"I am writing to recommend a good and trusted friend Beatrise Rozenfelde as a nanny for your children. I have trusted Beatrise to look after my daughter many times during the summer and afterwards my second child was born, she has helped my family a lot.

I know Beatrise for many years. We have worked together and became close friends. I truly recommend her to you and your Family. And I would like to briefly explain why I recommend her to you.

Beatrise is a Christian. And she has experience with kids in her Sunday school where she teaches children about God and the Bible. Beatrise will treat your kids the way that she would treat her own, with loving attention to their needs. She loves to make them laugh and spend quality time together with a 100% of attention. She knows how not to become angry and is very patient with children, which is very important to me. She truly does have a big heart and knows how to explore the world together with children.

She has also helped us to get places, she is great driver and amazing cook. Who knows that sometimes children live french-fries but that sometimes you need to eat those vegetables.

She feels comfortable with newborns and with toddlers. My two year old daughter adores playtime with Beatrise...they developed a strong bond and together they figure out new games from simple things.

Beatrise has helped my family during our times of need. You can be sure that Beatrise will not view your family as simply a “job” but rather she will be very caring. I recommend Beatrise as an amazing nanny and person. And I truly can say that your children will love her and be safe with her.

I trust this helps you to better understand why Beatrise would be and help to your family. I would be happy to speak more with you about Beatrise, so you can contact me at +371 26230102 madara.evamois@gmail.com
Reference Received from: Andy Sturrock


"Beatrice Rozenfelde did a fantastic job for us in Val Thorens at the beginning of April 16. She is engaging, friendly and warm and put us all quickly at ease. Our two and half year old took to her immediately and really enjoyed her company while the rest of the family were out skiing. She kept him active and interested with a good mixture of outdoor and indoor activities. She also looked after the older children very well after their skiing lessons. Reliable and trustworthy we had no doubts that our children were in the most capable hands - allowing us to enjoy our family holiday to the full. We would certainly employ Beatrice again.

Andy Sturrock
April 2016