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banu yozgat

About Me

Name:banu yozgat
D.O.B.:8 June 1982
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys
To be confirmed

Experience & Qualifications


I have been learning so much from kids and families. It is not a job for me, I love taking care of the children and enjoying being with them.
It is an amazing experience to see their innocence and aliveness who are real.
I love sharing my love with them.

My name is Banu Yozgat.
I am from Turkey and I am 36 years old.
My parents have three children, me, the middle children in the family.

I am an optimist person; enjoying and appreciating every moment of my life.
I am good at caring, supporting, listening. I like sharing my joy and presence with others.
After I studied Public Relationships and Publicity at university, I changed my career path and working as a yoga facilitator and massage therapist in my country.
My passion is human psychology, especially working with women.
Being a yoga facilitator give me a chance to get knowledge about the human body- mind and being in touch with different people.

I am not a professional nanny and I do not have my own children yet but I have strong and sincere feelings about being with and taking care of a child.
I have quite experience with my beautiful 6 years old nephew and my friend’s children.
I am the nanny for them whenever they need support and care. This supporting and caring approach create a space for their life which is the reason why I would like to support the families as being a nanny.
What I discovered as an adult, I forget how to feel like being a child because of busy lifestyles we are all involved in.
To spend quality time with a child teaching me to appreciate the things we miss about being a kid.

My References

Reference Received from: Luca Bonardo


"Banu is a very kind and mature person, which I can absolutely recommend as a nanny!
She is reliable and she loves children: simply a perfect combination.

Reference Received from: Gokce Cift


"I have known banu since middle school. Banu has been there for me whenever i needed help when we teenagers and now that i have twins, she also helps me breathe when i need some time for myself (ofcourse when she is here in turkey). You would think i am bias as we’ve been friends for so long. But believe me she has a special bond with the kids, dont know if it is because of her patience or her positive attitute or both. When i leave my twoandahalf years old twins with her, i dont worry at all because she knows how to handke them, play with them, occupy them... i believe she would be a great asset for you. İf you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Best regards,
Gökçe çift
Reference Received from: Nikita Abramov


"Banu looked after my 4 and a half year old daughter in Courchevel for 5 days. She was always on time and very good with Veronika. Veronika now asks all the time where is Banu and she misses her and wants to see her again! She formed a very good relationship with her.

Nikita Abramov
February 2019