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Anya White

About Me

Name:Anya White
D.O.B.:4 June 1998
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Portes de Soleil

Experience & Qualifications


My name is Anya, I am very excited to have the opportunity of working for you this winter.
Taking care of children is really second nature to me as I have been placed in a caring role throughout my life. I therefore have a huge amount of experience, having cared for children of all ages. This ensures I am confident and knowledgable and always enjoy the time I spend with children.

For the last 5 years I have done a lot of babysitting and nannying for local families who live around me here in the UK. As a result I decided to start a small business with the aim of providing a reliable and comprehensive service for families in the local community who needed responsible, trustworthy and capable babysitters. We had a very large client base and the business became very successful. I have mostly worked with children from 15 years all the way down to 9 month olds. I am able to adapt and tailor my approach to best suit the needs of the individual or group collectively and make sure they are safe and happy.

In the past I have volunteered with a local group of Beaver Scouts, children aged between 5 and 8, where my role was to assist the leader in running sessions. This included looking out for the more vulnerable group members, assessing needs and providing the appropriate care at the appropriate times, for example: allowing children to make mistakes which they can learn from whilst ensuring they are not putting themselves in any real danger.

I am very keen to be involved with your business over the winter season and hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks for you time.
Anya White

I have completed a first aid course as well as a first aid course for children and babies. I have got 10 GCSEs, 3 A-Levels and 2 As Levels. I have also been a volunteer Beaver Scout Leader for the last 4 years helping the leaders prepare evening as well as run them and keep an eye on all the children.

I am the eldest of 4 girls, so I am used to a busy house with lots going on. I have always enjoyed looking after children and helping them to learn and grow. In the past I have looked after 4 children at once all under the age of 7, as well as this I have looked after children of all ages with varying needs.

My References

Reference Received from: Renate Ridings


"Anya has been babysitting for us for over a year and we're thrilled she was recommended to us. The children adore her. She is extremely reliable, responsible and trustworthy. The kids have a great time with her and they respect her. Although she has minded our children since they were 9 and 11, I would have been confident for her to look after them at any age knowing that she is respectful of, and follows our instructions. She is very mature, friendly and is easy to talk and also very at ease with the kids.
I would recommend Anya.

Renate Ridings.
Reference Received from: Nicola Kirkland


"We have known Anya's family for about 13 years but have only got to know her well in the past year since she started babysitting our 12 year old daughter. Anya has been fantastic with her as she's navigated the path to teenage hood providing a confidential ear and sensible advice. Socially Anya is very able, she is confident talking to all age groups and has a delightfully upbeat and easy manner which children respond to very well. As the eldest of four girls herself she is used to a busy, noisy home and appears to take everything in her stride. I think she'd be an asset in anyone's home, she's smart, jolly and very competent. We will miss her!"
Reference Received from: Patrick Ryder


"Anya has been a great help in looking after our 18 month old son and 8 year old daughter. She is very capable, punctual and trustworthy and has done school pickups and dropoffs, cooked meals, baths and bedtime as well as played with the kids for hours. We are all very fond of Anya and we would highly recommend her to anyone."