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Annika Stocker

About Me

Name:Annika Stocker
D.O.B.:15 May 1996
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed

Experience & Qualifications


I grow up on a little sheep farm in germany. I like laughing, walking or hiking, dancing, Yoga, cooking creative and healthy, I love travelling alone (2019 I was alone in India, Nepal and Thailand). I travel low-Budget - not easy- but possible.

What else... like Sport a lot, espacilly outdoor-activities and I do Art (Paintings)

I love skiing, I started in germany around 7 years... but I did not a lot the last years...But I am pretty good in it. I went in my last Guestfamily in the french alpes with the kids to skiing.

I love to do creative Babysitting (dancing, cooking, doing art together, music, teaching german, sport or skiing....)

I speak fluent german and english. French only basics.

In November and December I lived 2 months in Paris, I worked there in a shop for german-products and I also did a lot of Babysitting and German\english Teaching to upgrade my budget.

secondary school, Germany
Working as a dentist Assistent in Germany
Working in a Company for Dental-Products in Germany

Working as English\German Teacher for kids

Travelling in many countries (India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia)

Babysitting\child care in guestfamilies (AuPair), working as a babysitter (all age).

1-4 in one time. (all age)

Sometimes in I was living with the families and kids together (AuPair), sometimes I just came for a few hours playing\german or english teaching.

Cities\places I worked in Childcare:

Germany (in my home town),


Paris and around (part-time)
Fontainbleu (full-time)
Nice (part-time)
Grenoble (full-time)

My References

Alpine Child Care are currently verifying this reference.