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Angie Julieth Muñoz Peña

About Me

Name:Angie Julieth Muñoz Peña
D.O.B.:25 June 1995
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Chamonix
CRB Check:01 May 2023

Experience & Qualifications


I am a very open minded teacher. I am currently living in Chamonix thanks to a Work and Holiday visa. I love traveling, trekking, and meeting new people. I love practicing different languages, too. I decided to work in child care this winter because of the experience I have as a teacher, and the fact that I can learn from kids all the time!

I am a language teacher. I used to teach Spanish to kids, teenagers and adults in Colombia. I graduated from the university in 2019 and since then I started working with different types of population, especially with kids and teens. Due to these amazing years working with kids I have gained confidence and experience to know how to work with them, understanding what they need based on their age, learning styles and abilities, which clearly allows me to have a better rapport with them, making them feel comfortable and heard.

I really enjoy working with kids, teaching them creative stuff about languages , literature, movies, art, etc, because I understand kids have independent and competent personalities.

On the other hand, I am really willing and open to continue learning and growing both professionally and personally through wonderful work with kids.

I have 5 years of experience working with kids and teens from 3 to 15 years old. I have looked after up to 2 kids at the same time. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew, with whom I have learned a lot about kids.

My References

Reference Received from: Maria Pilar Bravo


"To whom it might concern
I am writing this reference at the request of Miss Angie Muñoz. I have had the privilege of knowing Angie for over six years as her direct supervisor during her tenure with our organization. It is based on this extensive professional relationship that I am well-equipped to evaluate her qualifications and potential for success in your esteemed program.
One of the core criteria we use to assess our teachers is their commitment to continuous professional development, and Angie consistently exceeded expectations in this regard. She actively engaged in our comprehensive professional development programs, which encompassed preservice and inservice courses, workshops, conferences, and lectures. Throughout these initiatives, Angie consistently demonstrated a solid academic foundation, a critical and growth-oriented mindset, and a profound understanding of how to effectively apply relevant theoretical principles in practical classroom settings.
Angie's exceptional teaching abilities were evident in her work with a diverse range of students at our institution. She consistently exhibited meticulous preparation for her classes and skillfully implemented the principles we endorse for motivating, encouraging, and challenging both our young and adult learners. Her effectiveness as an educator was underscored by the remarkable results she achieved in class observations, as well as through student and parent surveys, where her scores consistently ranked among the highest within our faculty.
Even before the onset of the pandemic, Angie displayed a keen interest in integrating technology into her teaching methods to enhance the learning experience. Her proactive approach to technology allowed her to better cater to students' needs and facilitate lesson planning and delivery. Angie set an exemplary standard for her peers by proficiently incorporating online resources, gamification techniques, access to authentic content, and leveraging language-enhancing apps, software, and web resources. When the pandemic necessitated a swift transition to virtual education, Angie adeptly adapted to video-conferencing tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Meet. Notably, she not only managed these platforms effectively but also intuitively modified her pedagogical practices to create engaging online classes, promoting meaningful interaction, fostering social and emotional competencies, and delivering memorable learning experiences.
In terms of her interpersonal skills and professional relationships, Angie was consistently characterized by her exceptional respectfulness, collaborative spirit, and effective communication. She demonstrated tact and diplomacy when interacting with fellow teachers and myself, respecting differing viewpoints and contributing her thoughts, concerns, and questions with clarity and candor.
In summation, Angie Muñoz embodies the qualities of an intelligent, dependable, and disciplined individual, wholly committed to achieving her goals. I am unequivocally confident that Angie would be an invaluable addition to your master's program, and I wholeheartedly endorse her without any reservations. Should you require any further details regarding her background or qualifications, please feel free to contact me directly.
________________________________ María del Pilar Bravo
Leader of Academic Innovation and Curriculam