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Amir Moaddi

About Me

Name:Amir Moaddi
D.O.B.:6 December 1994
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys
CRB Check:01 Nov 2017

Experience & Qualifications


I love working with children and being able to help eduate them.
Skiing is my favorite hobby, and combining this two can be amazing for me.
I can help the children to do snowborad as well if you would like me too ( i am doing that for more them 5 years.

- I am from Israel, 22 years old, and speak Hebrew and English.
- 12 years of compulsory education, studied physics and computers science As major subjects.
- Certified First Aid
- 3 years of service in the Israeli army(including basic training)
- during my life i took a lot of jobs with kids (scouts and summer camp - explantion is below).


-The Scouts organization(camping and ropes)
Worked as instructor for two years(with children)- one year for 6 grade(12 years old) and second year for 8 grade (13-14 years old) , and as manager for one year.
during this job i had a lot of activities with the kids (education and fun activities) during the year, outdoors and trips(between 1-6 days) and i had the responsibilty for them all the time.

- -I worked for two summers in summer camp in the USA (Tel-Yehuda,New-York), first as kids educator and counselor and ropes instructor and then as a manager (all was in English language). during this job i had to by with the kids 24/7 (inclding sleeping with them in the same place and always helping them in any special need)

- all of my life i used to work with kids from the 3rd grade to 11 grade (9-16 years old).

- The maximum number of kids i have been responsible for is 30 kids at one time.

- a lot of this was without money - I volunteered to do it because I love working with kids, and a big beliver in education.

My References

Reference Received from: inbar zon


"Amir is a serious, reliable, sociable guy. I was responsible for Amir for a year, during this year Amir influenced many students, educated them with great responsibility. Amir did everything with a smile and a desire to do.
In addition, Amir made many children believe in themselves, promoted them, guided them on many significant issues
Reference Received from: Orr Katzman


"To whom it may concern,

I've known Amir over the course of two summers (3 months each) in a highly intensive summer camp setting where I was his Manager. The Camp for Camp Tel Yehudah
in New Jersey, USA.

My first year knowing Amir I was his supervisor's supervisor, and so my knowledge of Amir was second hand most of the time, however, Amir stood out in a system of counselor's and leaders. There was no question that he would be promoted to being a supervisor. The second summer with Amir I supervised him closely and had a very good relationship and knowledge of his work with kids, co-workers and parents.

Amir stands out due to his immensely positive attitude. He is a "DO-er". Anything you ask of him he will be happy to do it, and will do it at high professional level. He balances a positive can-do attitude (that spreads to anyone who works with him) with an understanding of importance and seriousness when needed. It is immediate to see his way with people and his effect on them for the better.

Amir worked as a Ropes Course specialist and then a supervisor. This position carries a lot of responsibility. He is, quite literally, holding children's lives in his hands. Amir would always make sure his equiptment, his team and his area were aware and at the top of their game everyday, day in day out, from morning till eve. He does not complain and if need be, he gives good, well though out feedback that is always helpful.
In his other capacity as a Ropes Course Supervisor he is an encourager, a pusher. He allows and creates an environment for children (and sometimes adults) to push themselves hard to succeed a challenge that they beforehand did not think they could do.

I would recommend him as a stellar Staff member and person. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you, Orr Katzman
Reference Received from: Dima Moned


"All his life Amir knows as the leader who managed to sweep after him everyone , when he belived in something. And he believes in education , debating , listening, studying , understanding and love.
He was in the scouts for lots of years that must of them he was Eagle Scout
He have the knowledge to work with kids , he have the patience the understanding.
Reference Received from: Mac Lindner


"I worked with Amir for two summers. He was a staff member for our team initiatives and ropes course as well as an in-bunk counselor. The second summer he moved up to our leadership team, something that generally does not happen after 1 summer at our camp. I saw him interact with hundreds of kids in a very good way. He was always patient, kind, and understanding of the teens (only teens at our camp) and was able to create appropriate relationships that are just as strong today as they were 2 years ago.

I absolutely recommend him as he is a lot of fun, smart, good natured and a pleasant person to have around. Hopefully you can let him go for the summer as we would love to have him back :p but if not, you will none-the-less be gaining an incredible staff member.

If you need any more info please feel free to reach out.

All the best,

Mac Lindner | Assistant Director
Camp Tel Yehudah | www.telyehudah.org
575 8th Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018
917-595-1900 ext. 251 (p)