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Alice Britton

About Me

Name:Alice Britton
D.O.B.:20 July 2003
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: To be confirmed
CRB Check:01 Aug 2022

Experience & Qualifications


I have worked as a shop assistant in a grocery store, as a café attendant in several different bakeries, and as a waitress and breakfast hostess at three different restaurants. In addition I have worked as a cake designer and confectioner, as well as in the elderly care.

I graduated upper high school in spring of 2022, and have since then worked full time in my hometown; Stockholm, Sweden. Before then, I have worked besides my studies ever since I was fourteen years old.

I have worked full time as a teacher in a preschool during the last semester. I mostly took care of children between the ages of one year to two years, as well as ages three to five at least once a week during excursions. My working tasks included having independent responsibility for everything from playing with the children, cooking food, eating together, to putting them to sleep. Please call my reference Anna Lena Gogolos, principal of the preschool, to hear more of my work effort.

Beyond this I have been working as a nanny in several different families, inter alia children from the pre school where I worked. The work included cooking, social activities with the children (both inside and outside), reading, doing homework and putting them to sleep. Ages between two years and eight years. Most of the families had two or three kids that I independently took care of at the same time.

I have experience of unpaid child care as well, by regularly taking care of my younger cousins. They are in the ages between half a year, up to eight years old. The maximum number of children I have been responsible for at one time is four children.

In addition I have worked as a youth leader on a confirmation camp during four summers. All work was done unpaid, and included taking responsibility for children in the age of 14 to 15 years old.

My References

Reference Received from: Anna Lena Gogolos


"Alice is wonderful, she has worked with us since August 2022 in our pre school, she is openminded and she connects easily with children. She is positive and responsible and we long for her return.We have three groups , two groups with five children each (1-3 years old),and one group with 13 children (3-5 years old) . Alice has been working together with one pedagog mostly and sometimes alone taking care of four small.

Best Wishes, Anna Lena