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Adam Hansen

About Me

Name:Adam Hansen
D.O.B.:10 August 1998
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: 3 Valleys

Experience & Qualifications


My name is Adam Hansen and I’m 21 years old from sweden. I´ve been a skier my entire life and love that. Last season I lived in Verbier, Switzerland for 2 months.  I skied a lot and just had fun with friends without working. This season me, along with some friends are going to Val Thorens adn this year we are staying the full season. I would love to look after your children, I am very responsible whilst making sure the children are happy and entertained.

I have lived in sweden my entire life and always loved hanging out with friends, socialize and getting to know new people. I Graduated from high school for 2 years ago and since then i have been working with different things and also spent some time in the mountains. The last 2 summers i have been working in a Boatshop. It has been alot of fun and alot of new experiences. I have also been working a little bit in a warehouse, I've been driving a big truck all over gothenbourg delivering groceries to restaurants and also worked in a shop where we sell fish and food.
I have always been a very social person and have alot of friends that i like to hang out with. I like to be active and have fun.
For a couple of years i trained a youth team i ultimate frisbee. I loved doing that. The kids were in the ages between 9-13 years old and we were practicing for 1-2 times a week. Some weekends we went on tournaments and training camps with the kids. We stayed for at least one night almost everytime we went somewhere.

This would be a great experience to have and im looking forward to it!

Why would I be the person for this position? I have several experiences of handling children. First of all I have a 8 year younger brother which I have dealt with the last 8 years. Other experience is from when I, a couple of years ago started together with one of my friend, a youth team in Ultimate Frisbee. All of the kids were below the age of 14, ranging from 9 years up to 13 years old. Ultimate Frisbee is a team activity which requires everyone to get along and play together. I had the major role in coaching for that team. This involved getting everyone engaged, noticed about training schedule and also plan and arrange the exercises during the practice. We also had a couple of tournaments during the years. Alot of the times we were going on tournaments and such I was driving one 9seater van filled with kids. Stopped for a quick snacks and helped them with any thing they needed. Alot of the times we were away from home for 2 nights which required med to take care of them for pretty much the whole weekend. This experience trained me to get along with all the kids. Of course they are all different and you need to approach them differently. I think i did a quite good job and it seemed like they enjoyed going to practice. 

My References

Reference Received from: Karin Sundstrom


"Between 2016 and 2018, Adam coached our U14 frisbee team, consisting of girls and boys aged 6-13.
Not only was he an excellent coach, but he was also brilliant with the kids outside the pitch. He accompanied them to tournaments for entire week ends, where he took care of all the kids around the clock, with an immense patience and great attitude. Positive, cheerful, responsible and calm. All the kids looked up to him. I would entrust him with my own children any day of the week.