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cecilia cavretti

About Me

Name:cecilia cavretti
D.O.B.:16 May 1988
Languages Spoken: English
Resorts I can work in: Les Deux Alpes
Alpe d Huez
Serre Chevalier
CRB Check:01 Jan 2017

Experience & Qualifications


My name is cecilia and i live in France for 2 years. I enjoy the mountains, the ocean the cultur and the people. I'm a flexible person and skilled after many years working on the mountains. I speak Swedish, Norwegain,french, english, Spanish and some Italian.

I have dedicated my life to nature and I don’t get tired of it, just the opposite! I love outdoor life.
I’m a social person and I work good by my self.

I do a lot of Yoga and meditation, it helps me to stay peaceful. I also like surfing, longboarding, painting and playing the guitar. I’m interested in ecological living and recycled constructions. I keep my mind open for new things. I’m a creative person with a smile on my face and adventures in my mind.

I’m enthusiastic about the snowboard and want to expand the sport, the fun is for everyone. I also wan’t to reduce the difference in the riding between the girls and the boys, I think it’s highly possible. I do a bit of competitions myself for the fun of it and to keep progressing.

I really like working with kids, they give so much back to you. Full of life and engagement. The are smart and we have a lot to learn from our kids, we must handel them with only care and love. They are our future.

Hope to meet you and share knowledge.

Best regards Cecilia


Snowboard teacher winter 2007-20016
I been teaching snowbaord in Sweden, Norway and the United States. It’s a work I love to do, beeing outside on different mountains, getting to know new people and increace ther level of riding, or introducing them to a new sport and to the mountain is a really greatfull job.

Kindergarten teacher 2010-2015
Playing with the kids in the daycare is an active and joyful work. It takes you to be alert all day, but the kids give so much back to you with ther smiles and laughter. Watching them grow every day is a gift itself.

Summer snowboardcamp coach 2013-2016
Glacier snowboarding is really fun, everyone is learning fast with the soft snow and the kids riding together for a week is good for there improvment. Trampoline, skateboarding and all the other side activitis helps the control of the body. Working on a camp makes us come closer to the kids and they put more trust in us, that helps the teaching alot.

Skischool teacher winter time 2014-2016
I also teach a bit of skies to the smaller kids and the more inexperienced grown ups. I especially like teahing the groups with smaller kids, telling different stories to help them remember their basic posistion on the skies, or take them off the track to improve ther balance


Firs time i started to work in the kindergarden was in Norway 10 years ago. I worked with the smaller kids, 6 months to 3 years. I enjoyed it a lot, hugs in the morning, playing in the sand and singing them to sleep. I also learned the Norwegian languish with help of these kids.

Later I started to work with the older kids, 3-6 years old. The games got more active and the konversations longer. It was a really fun experience. The kids have so mush to give.

Years later still in Norway I started working with the groups spending all day outside, with kids who needs some extra movement. We walk in the forest and making a fire every day. I think all kids should experience this, being a part of the nature, exploring and learning.

My References

Reference Received from: Cecilia Biggs


"Cecelia was a fantastic reliable childminder. She has a very caring nature and our children loved her. She's very calm and was able to engage them straight away with art activities and puzzles. Thank you Cecilia for a fantastic week!
Cecilia Biggs
January 2017
Les Deux Alps
Reference Received from: Gard Solstad


"Sisi, or Cecilia worked as a short term substitute in my kindergarden for a little while. She was relaxed around the children and felt comfortable with them. The kindergarden she worked in is out in the woods each day, we work hard on giving the kids a place to grow, to meet new challenges adapted to each child, and to give them the feeling of success when they overcome these challenges. We focus on seeing each child as an individual and trying to let them find themselves while adapting to the people around them. Sisi was well suited for this method. She was reliable and on time to work.
Kindergarten Manager
Reference Received from: Hans Snilsberg


Cecilia worked for me in ski school Geilo Holiday last winter.
She was snowboarding instructor
She was good with people and met punctual to work every day.
Hans Snilsberg
0047 91877450
Reference Received from: Caroline Ellard


"Cecilia looked after our children in Les Deux Alpes over Christmas and New year, she was lovely. The kids, 2 three year olds and a two year old loved her and she was always on time and was really laid back.
Many thanks
Caroline Ellard
January 2017
Reference Received from: Pal Berntsrud


"I have a skiing camp called Folgefonna Snowboard and Ski camp in Norway, it is a summer camp. Cecilia has been a coach on my camp for 5 years, she is very good with the kids! I higly recomend her! She is on time and good company.
Call me if you would want more information.
Pal Berntstrud
0047 90780145
Reference Received from: Clare Galloway


"Cecelia was a great addition to our holiday. She was very flexible with our needs and looked after the 4 children Ages 3, 6, 5 & 8 with a lot of patience and warmth. She is a very genuine person and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Kind regards
February 2017
Reference Received from: Douglas Tully


"We were very pleased to work with Cecilia. Our 17-month son thoroughly enjoyed her company and initiative for fun and physical activities. Cecilia’s style is relaxed - but her decision making is sharp.

Alpe D'Huez
January 2018