Nanny feedback about our service

"Thanks for all the work - it's brilliant!" Alison, Aime

"I didn't expect to be able to work so much. I thought I'd be living off credit cards, but I'm actually going home with loads of money." Rachel, Courchevel 1850

"I really like the fact that I can choose whether or not to take work each time because then I can go on trips home without worrying about having to get time off, and you never make me feel guilty for saying no." Lucy, Courchevel

"Thanks so much for running things the way you do - it's so much more organised than the company I used to work for!! I know that when I have a booking I'm going to get proper details and timings in advance." Karen, Peisey Vallandry

"It's a great system, and it's been very handy being able to give the link to potential employers at home so they can see all my references. I've got 14 now, which is excellent." Maggie, Tignes