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How does it work?

  • You create a free profile on our site including your experience, references and photos
  • You check the list of jobs online and apply for those that suit you.
  • We email you every time a new job comes in so you can log on to apply.
  • If you are chosen you get sent a contract confirming the details.
  • You will be paid 20 Euros per hour for short term jobs in cash.
  • We also advertise longer term jobs where accommodation or lift passes are provided instead of wages.
  • The employer posts feedback on your profile, allowing you to build up a portfolio of references.
  • You manage your own diary, and can work as much or as little as you want to.


  • You will usually need to find and pay for your own accommodation.
  • Most people share with other nannies, which costs from 1000E for the season. 
  • Join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter to advertise a room, or hear about people looking for flat mates.
  • Most people cover rent and living expenses with approx. 200 hours of work during the season.  This equates to about 5 weeks full time work. 
  • The resort pages also list websites that advertise seasonal accommodation.
  • We occasionally have long term jobs listed on our site and these often provide accommodation in lieu of wages.


  • Long term jobs vary, but are usually 9am to 5pm for six days a week.
  • Short term jobs can be anything from 1 to 50 hours a week.
  • The most common requests are for 9am to 4pm or noon to 4pm six days a week.
  • Most jobs are between 15th December and 1st May but we do get some summer bookings.
  • We can’t guarantee you a minimum number of bookings because parents and chalets decide who they would like as their nanny. 
  • This means that the nannies with the most experience and the best references will get chosen first. 
  • However, we always have more work to fill, than available nannies, so even first time seasonaires will get booked up during peak weeks.
  • To increase your chances of being chosen for every job you apply for you can:
    • Add as many child care references as you can to your profile.
    • Do a fabulous job EVERY time. A reference for each job you do will be added to your profile.
    • Try to be as flexible as possible about your hours
    • Provide lots of detail in your profile about your childcare experience.
    • Get an up-to-date CRB check or do some First Aid training


  • Joining the Alpine Child Care register is free for nannies, so we don’t charge you anything for our service.
  • You will receive 20 Euros per hour directly from the parents at the end of a job.
  • Parents pay 26 Euros per hour in total.  They pay us 6 euros per hour when they book, and the remaining 20 euros an hour goes direct to you.
  • Wages for long term jobs all vary so we’ll include this when we advertise the job on our website and email you.

Lift pass

  • You will need to pay for your own seasonaire lift pass. 
  • At the moment our nannies don’t automatically qualify for reduced rate workers passes but we are in negotiations with the ski resorts about this and believe it will change soon, so we’ll let you know.
  • If you register as self employed in France and pay French tax, you will get a Gens Du Pays, and will be eligible for a discounted ski pass.
  • Some of the long term jobs we advertise include lift passes in lieu of wages.


  • If you do have a recent DBS you can include the date of it in your profile.
  • We don’t insist that you have a DBS, or your countries equivalent, to be on our system.
  • However, if several people apply for the same job, it might have an impact on how parents choose so you might decide to get one.
  • We can carry out a DBS for you through an umbrella body in the UK. This costs £75 and takes around a week to complete. Contact us if you would like to do this.


  • You should get your own travel insurance while you are staying in France to cover yourself and your property.
  • Check that your policy includes personal liability insurance which will cover you should you cause damage to a person or their property while you are in France (most policies include this automatically, but check when you buy it)
  • There is also a clause in the temporary contracts that we provide for parents which states that you can only look after their children if they have their own travel insurance, and should anything happen to their children or property while in your care, they will be expected to claim on their own insurance.


  • We don’t employ nannies ourselves, but match you with parents who become your temporary employers under short term contracts. 
  • You will be paid in cash at the end of your time with them.
  • This means that you are effectively self employed during the period, so are responsible for declaring your income in France if you a permanent resident, or in the UK if you are only staying in France for the season.
  • We won’t get involved with your tax affairs, and don’t provide your details to anyone.  You are solely responsible for declaring your income.
  • Lots of our nannies are already employed by other child care agencies, or chalet companies and accept additional jobs through us to cover their quiet periods.  Any work you do through us won’t affect your PAYE status, or tax situation with your other employer.  You just ought to declare it yourself as well.
  • You can find information about how to declare your income in the UK at
  • If you are a permanent resident in France you can apply to become an auto-entrepreneur which is the same as being self employed in the UK.  You can find further information about how to do this at